CAST AIP 8.2.4 contains all fixes from the following previous CAST AIP releases:

The following table lists all bugs fixed in CAST AIP 8.2.4 and that are not already listed in the "Bug Fix Lists" of the above mentioned releases. There are 38 issues listed below. Note that the column "Internal ID" is used only as an internal reference ID.

 Call IDTechnologyComponent/sFeaturesSituationSymptomsInternal ID
7062SQL - SQL-PSM z/OSCMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to run a DB2 zOS analysis.The following errors are logged: "Internal exception occurred during processing listener CDb2AnalyzerAction::process on instance JOB_DB2_ANALYZER #2 : access violation" and "SQL Error: ORA-01013: user requested the cancel of current operation (Severity 1, Msg No 1013)."SCRAIP-22419
7147All TechnologiesCSS Tools While running an analysis.Several warnings appear in the log file: "Warning: GLOBAL is deprecated in temporary table creation at character 8".SCRAIP-22655
7539.NET - C#CMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to run a .NET analysis.The analysis gets stuck at the "Comparing object on server" step.SCRAIP-24633
7704N/AReport Center Attempting to run the Generate Report action in CAST Report Center.The error "The program Report run has not ended correctly' is displayed.SCRAIP-23930
7782JEE - JavaCAST Engineering Dashboard When looking at the results of a JEE analysis/snapshot with regard to the Quality Rule "Close database resources ASAP".The number of critical violations dropped drastically between successive snapshots of the same unchanged source code.SCRAIP-23335
7972JEE - JavaCAST Engineering Dashboard When looking at the results of a snapshot, with regard to the Quality Rule "Avoid instantiations inside loops - 7210".False violations of the Quality Rule are observed with regard to situations where an object is created/instantiated when adding to an ArrayList.SCRAIP-23641
8033N/AApplication Analytics Dashboard (AAD) When using the CAST Application Analytics Dashboard.When you click on one app score for a particular Business Criteria, you are navigated back to the home page.SCRAIP-24424
8086N/ACMS Application When upgrading from 8.0.x or earlier to 8.1.x or later and the Delivery folder contains an offline extraction of Oracle 8i schemas that used the specific Oracle 8i option in the DMT.The upgrade fails with the error "Invalid ////R:/DMTDelivery80/data/{32c5eb9f-638b-42af-98c9-53f717d9787d}/{edb9e0eb-8975-4896-afc1-3e3098e25a57}/477ad5b2-ce7f-446e-84cb-89feb3fb6daa.entity.xml"SCRAIP-23990
8131SQL - PL/SQLCMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to run a snapshot containing PL/SQL source code.The snapshot fails with: ERROR: null value in column "description" violates not-null constraint .SCRAIP-24085
8137VBCMS Snapshot/Analysis When looking at the results of a post upgrade snapshot (the Application has been upgraded from from 8.0.x to 8.2.1).Links between VB methods and T-SQL Stored Procedures that existed in 8.0.x are not visible in the post upgrade snapshot in 8.2.1.SCRAIP-24512
8254N/ACMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Copy Paste Metrics Calculation When attempting to run an analysis.The analysis fails during the Run Copy/Paste calculation step with the error:

INF: 2017-03-06 17:05:10: [XMLtoDB] SQL Message: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "pk_objinf"
INF: 2017-03-06 17:05:10: [XMLtoDB] SQL Error: DETAIL: Key (idobj, inftyp, infsubtyp, blkno)=(7242803, 9, 1509, 0) already exists. (Severity 1, Msg# 1).
8265N/AREST API Having changed from a Full Content Module in snapshot A to user defined modules (based on Analysis Units) in snapshot B.Removed violations are displayed as 0.SCRAIP-25082
8299N/AServer Manager - Install database When attempting to install a CAST Extension in CAST Server Manager that has a dependency to another extension, but the dependency does not exist in %programdata%\CAST\CAST\Extensions.CAST Server Manager correctly displays an error to state that a dependency is missing, but does not identify the missing dependent extension.SCRAIP-24507
8399N/AReport Center When attempting to use CAST Report Center from the CLI.CAST Report Center crashes when the CLI is run.SCRAIP-24620
8402Mainframe - JCLTransaction Configuration Center (TCC) When looking at the CAST Transaction Configuration Center, EFP Calibration > Transactional Functions branch after running a second snapshot on the same source code.The Transaction status is unchanged, however, object statuses show "Added" which is incorrect.SCRAIP-24619
8407Mainframe - CICS Mainframe - Cobol Mainframe - IMS Mainframe - JCLDelivery Manager Tool When packing the same Mainframe source code in AIP 7.3.x and then in 8.2.x.When packaged, a project is discovered in 7.3.x but not in 8.2.x. This is due to a change in the discovery behaviour introduced in 8.2.x,SCRAIP-24646
8484JEE - JavaCAST Engineering Dashboard When looking at the results of a JEE analysis with regard to the Quality Rule "Avoid directly instantiating a Class used as a managed bean - 7964".JSP files are correctly reported as violations, whereas the documentation for the Quality Rule does not specify that these objects are part of the scope.SCRAIP-24808
8500JEE - JavaCAST Engineering Dashboard When looking at the results of a JEE analysis/snapshot with regard to the Quality Rule "Collection must be the same between getter and setter - 7498".There are false violations for the Quality Rule despite the same collection being used.SCRAIP-24833
8502.NET - C#CAST Engineering Dashboard When looking at the results of an analysis/snapshot with regard to the Quality Rule "Avoid declaring Public fields - 3576".Violations are reported in auto generated code.SCRAIP-25053
8533Mainframe - CobolCMS Snapshot/Analysis When comparing the results of a Vn and Vn+1 Mainframe (Cobol) Application analysis.Results are inconsistent between the two versions of the Application with regard to dynamic links generated by the Inference Engine (some links are missing).SCRAIP-25398
8548.NET - C#CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Generate Modules When attempting to generate a snapshot containing .NET (C#).The View Analysis Unit Content option shows no objects despite the log file indicating objects have been successfully analyzed. In addition the snapshot fails complaining the module is empty.SCRAIP-25120
8558;8560All TechnologiesDelivery Manager Tool - Package Extraction When attempting to perform a packaging action in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool running on Linux.The packaging action fails with the error "Extraction has not ended correctly".SCRAIP-25126
8629N/ACAST Update Tool (CUT) When attempting to run a snapshot in AIP 8.2.x of an Application that has been upgraded from AIP 7.3.5 where the Transaction Calibration Kit extension has been used.Snapshot fails with Error - " ERROR: function tcc_fp_usr_tf_adj_type_rule(integer) does not exist".SCRAIP-25181
8631N/ACAST Update Tool (CUT) When attempting to run a upgrade with the CAST Update Tool (CUT) using the "Preserve existing Assessment Model" option.The upgrade fails with the message "Could not merge the assessment model for central. Reason: Entity "null" not found"SCRAIP-25180
8632JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis When comparing the results of two analyses of the same source code.In the results of the second analysis, some JPA Entity objects that were present in the first analysis are not present.SCRAIP-25182
8665JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to run an analysis configured with a manually defined dependency based on a Reference Pattern.The analysis fails with the error code -1073740791.SCRAIP-25282
8712N/ACMS Snapshot/Analysis During one of the following operations:
-migration to 8.2.3
-snapshot computation
-Function point computing using the TCC
Operation fails with errors because too long strings are attempted to be inserted into the DSS_HISTORY table of the local database. Errors look like « SQL Error: ERROR: value too long for type character varying(500) »SCRAIP-25389
8716JEE - JSPCMS Snapshot/Analysis When looking at the results of a JEE analysis with regard to the Quality Rule "Pages should use error handling page - 2232". The source code contains third party jar files that contain web.xml filesThere are false violations for the Quality Rule "Pages should use error handling page - 2232" : the web.xml files already have an error handling section and link correctly to an error.jsp page.SCRAIP-25319
8855N/ACMS Infrastructure/Services - Review Dynamic Links When looking at the Dynamic Link Manager following an analysis.The Calling Type and Called Type columns incorrectly show a question mark instead of the object icon.SCRAIP-25691
8910; 8911N/ACMS Snapshot/Analysis Run an analysis for an application with several analysis units grouped in the same execution unit with many objects referenced in the different Analysis Unit.The "Run metric Calculation" step Analysis generates multiple log files and the step is much longer than the analysis time. More than 11 hours for an 6 hours of analysis time.SCRAIP-25795
8935SQL - T-SQL MSCMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to analyze a T-SQL database.The analysis log shows errors as follows:
Syntax error found in 'S:\Source\Database\54/VASTCreateIndex.2.src'
8967JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to analyze a JEE application.The analysis fails during the step "resolving dynamic links".SCRAIP-25917
    When attempting to run a BusinessObjects analysis.The analysis fails with the error "Error while analyzing Universes".SCRAIP-23789
 N/A  When using a script or an extension (Transaction Calibration Kit for example) to delete datafunctions by setting cal_flags to "128" ("deleted by external script") in the dss_datafunction table.The CAST Transaction Configuration Center will still incorrectly include those datafunctions in the list of valid ones. In addition, AFP / EFP computing will still consider them as if they were not deleted.SCRAIP-25275
 ABAP  When looking at the the Quality Rule "Database table naming convention - prefix control - 7854".The Quality Rule only takes into account the table prefix "YT" for SAP technologies.SCRAIP-25278
    When using the TCC_FP_USR_TF_GROUP_RULE procedure to group transactions based on specific rule (i.e. through the Transaction Calibration Kit, or manually in a script).This function marks ( via cal_flag 2 and 4 ) transactions as grouped. The call to this function is done after the merge*, while to have the correct results this should be done before the merge action.

This leads to incoherent data: having datafunctions with the flag merged but not having the details and RET and DET positioned means also that those transactions grouped by this function, will be merged only in the next Function Point computation.
 N/A  Internal porting work.Internal porting work.SCRAIP-25391
 JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When attempting to run a JEE analysis.The analysis takes an unusually long time and logs have not been updated for more than 24hrs.SCRAIP-25419