CAST AIP 8.2.3 contains all fixes from the following previous CAST AIP releases:

The following table lists all bugs fixed in CAST AIP 8.2.3 and that are not already listed in the "Bug Fix Lists" of the above mentioned releases. There are 60 issues listed below. Note that the column "Internal ID" is used only as an internal reference ID.

Call IDtechnologyComponent/sfeaturessituationsymptomsInternal ID
5752Mainframe - CobolCMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer While looking at the results of a Mainframe Cobol analysis where the Application contains Cobol Nested Programs.Cobol Nested Programs are detected by CAST AIP as "Unknown Programs".SCRAIP-24414
5807.NET - C#CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When looking at the results of an analysis, specifically with regard to the Quality Rule "Avoid types that own disposable fields and are not disposable" (8086).Brushes are being wrongly flagged as violating the Quality Rule.SCRAIP-24413
6568N/ACMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Copy Paste Metrics Calculation When calculating copy/paste metrics and there are duplicate entries in file NaturalMetrics.datatransfer.
Duplicate entries can occur when configuration of analysis units has been manually duplicated.
Analysis crashes at the Run Copy/Paste Metrics Calculation with the following error message :The program XMLTODB has not ended correctly - error code 1SCRAIP-24412
6633JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to run a JEE analysis.The analysis is failing with the error "Unable to process JSP analysis".SCRAIP-24409
6686JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis When looking at the results of a J2EE analysis.No link visible in Enlighten between java methods and oracle private synonyms.SCRAIP-24401
6742.NET - ASP.NETApplication Analytics Dashboard (AAD) When upgrading from 7.3.x to 8.x with Applications containing .NET technology.After the upgrade, the CAST Application Analytics Dashboard displays two distinct technologies, one called ".NET" and one called ".Net".SCRAIP-24410
6743N/ACAST Engineering Dashboard When looking at corrected violations in the Action Plan in the CAST Engineering Dashboard.The source code viewer does not highlight anything since the code of the violation has been fixed.SCRAIP-24407
6828Mainframe - CobolCAST Engineering Dashboard When using the CAST Engineering Dashboard.The dashboard performs extremely slowly.SCRAIP-24411
6868SQL - T-SQL ASECMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to analyze a Sybase database.The analysis fails with ERROR: null value in column "parameter_name" violates not-null constraint.SCRAIP-24639
6895; 7779.NET - C#CAST Engineering Dashboard When comparing the results of a .NET analysis executed in AIP 7.3.x, which was then upgraded to CAST AIP 8.2.x and re-analyzed (no change in source code).The "Total CC" (Cyclomatic Complexity value for all artifacts) is lower in CAST AIP 8.2.x then in 7.3.x.SCRAIP-24638
6941SQL - T-SQL MSCAST Engineering Dashboard When looking at the results of a TSQL analysis.Violations to the Quality Rule "Avoid SQL queries that no index can support" are reported while indexes covering the queries exist.SCRAIP-24408
6951JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis - Compute Dependency Dataset When attempting to analyze a JEE application.The J2EE analysis starts and crashes with error message: "Analysis has not ended correctly - Error code -1073740791)".SCRAIP-24637
6989N/ADelivery Manager Tool - Package Extraction In the CAST Delivery Manager Tool, when using the "Advanced Extraction Settings" under "Package Configuration".Selecting a parent folder will not tick its subfolders, however the files under the sub folders get extracted successfully as expected.SCRAIP-24406
7051N/AApplication Engineering Dashboard (AED) When using the CAST Application Engineering Dashboard as follows:

1. Generate snapshot V1
2. Generate snapshot V2
3. Generate snapshot V3
3. Delete snapshot V1
No source code is displayed for any violation.SCRAIP-24400
7066All TechnologiesServer Manager - Update database When running an upgrade.Custom Functions / Stored Procedures are always reset / overwritten with standard Functions when upgrading the CAST databases. For instance tcc_fp_usr_df_delete_rule, but also FP_filter_dataunction
and FP_filter_transaction.
7080.NET - C#CMS Application - User Defined Modules When comparing the results of two snapshots (V1 and V2) and having split one single .NET module from V1 into three separate .NET modules in V2 (Module1+Module2+Module3 for unassigned objects).The Unassigned objects content module is empty when we expect it to contain objects.SCRAIP-24404
7175N/AApplication Analytics Dashboard (AAD) When attempting to consolidate a large number of Applications for the CAST Application Analytics Dashboard.Even though 98% of the Applications already exist and are skipped by the consolidation process, it still takes far too long.SCRAIP-24403
7198Mainframe - CobolCAST Engineering Dashboard When looking at the results of a Mainframe Cobol analysis.The Quality Rule "Check alphanumeric data before moving it into numeric data" is falsely violated when the syntax "pic x(01)" is used and "x" is written in lowercase.SCRAIP-24402
7304N/ACMS Infrastructure/Services - Review Dynamic Links When using the Dynamic Link Manager via the CLI with a dlm.xml file that contains a rule with the regular expression "CalleeFullName".When using the "CalleeFullName" regular expression, the links are not ignored. When removing this regular expression the links are ignored.SCRAIP-22339
7409ABAPCMS Snapshot/Analysis  When attempting to run a SAP/ABAP analysis.The analysis crashes with the error "duplicate key value violated unique constraint pk_objdsc".SCRAIP-24636
7421,7658N/ACAST Engineering Dashboard When looking at the Risk Indicators - Transaction Level (FRAME_PORTAL_TRANSACTION_VIEW) view in the CAST Engineering Dashboard.No TWI items are ever displayed in the list.SCRAIP-22724
7460;7494JEE - JavaDelivery Manager Tool - Projects Discovery When attempting to run a packaging action in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool when the pom.xml contains ${webappDirectory}.The packaging fails with an error: "An error has occurred during command processing java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException:Illegal repetition near index 0 ${webappDirectory}/(?i:.*\.xml)$".SCRAIP-22794
7472JEE - JavaCMS Infrastructure/Services - Review Dynamic Links When attempting to use the Dynamic Links Manager with a rules file via the CLI.The CLI fails with the following message: ERROR DynamicLinks main - Loading failed: System.Data.EntityCommandExecutionException: An error occurred while executing the command definition. See the inner exception for details. ---> Npgsql.NpgsqlException: A timeout has occured. If you were establishing a connection, increase Timeout value in ConnectionString. If you were executing a command, increase the CommandTimeout value in ConnectionString or in your NpgsqlCommand object.SCRAIP-22748
7507N/ADelivery Manager Tool - Package Extraction When attempting to use the CAST Database Extraction Renaming Tool to rename a database instance where the destination extraction folder contains subfolders.The renaming fails.SCRAIP-24635
7513; 7596ABAPCMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to analyze an ABAP application.The analysis log shows warnings for syntax errors in ABAP files.SCRAIP-24634
7548JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to run a JEE analysis.The analysis fails with the error: "Unable to process JSP analysis"SCRAIP-24399
7559N/ACMS Application - User Defined Modules When attempting to use the built in "Unassigned Objects Content" module.The module contains ALL objects, rather than just those that are not assigned to any other User Defined Module.SCRAIP-24631
7607N/ACMS Analysis Unit When packaging a JEE application using the standard built-in "Eclipse" discoverer.After accepting and setting the version as current version, the Web.xml file is not discovered by CMS. This is supposed to be picked up automatically.

In fact, this is a difference of behavior between the Eclipse discoverer, which correctly set up the Web Application descriptor, and the Maven discoverer, which does not.
7647JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When comparing the results of a JEE Struts analysis that has been upgraded from CAST AIP 7.3.x to CAST AIP 8.x.There is a difference in the number of objects saved in the CAST Analysis Service after the upgrade to 8.x and the generation of a new snapshot.SCRAIP-24632
7731JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When attempting to run a JEE analysis including Struts.Links between JavaScript client side functions and struts action mapping are missing.SCRAIP-23365
7735Universal  When source code analyzed by PHP and HTML5/JavaScript extensions is defined in the same Analysis Unit. There is a warning to state that the HTML5 plugin is not found.SCRAIP-24629
7784JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to analyze a JEE application including Struts where the Struts files are defined in web.xml rather than by a naming convention.Only some of the struts config files are saved to the Analysis Service database and no child struts files are saved.SCRAIP-23513
7820N/ACAST Engineering Dashboard When using the Action Plan page in the CAST Engineering Dashboard.The first column heading is titled "Act./Excl.". The word "Excl." should be removed as the column does not display excluded violations.SCRAIP-23442
7823SQL - PL/SQLCMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to analyze an Oracle PL/SQL schema. The analysis fails with syntax errors on unsupported syntax (PIVOT/UNPIVOT/LISTAGG).SCRAIP-24630
7860SQL - PL/SQLCMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When attempting to run an analysis containing PL/SQL source code.- Analysis completed with Warnings in the given DB Analysis unit.

- Observed 18 Warning messages on Syntax Errors and on Metric Assistant.

The errors are like -
# Syntax error found in 'S:\Sources\DB\Analyzed\41/PB.14.src'

# [MAv2] Invalid visitor node. CAST_ANSISQL_ExternalObject does not supports category CAST_AST_Node. (ParentNodeType=CAST_AST_ANSISQL_SubqueryColumn)
7880Power BuilderCMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When attempting to analyze a PowerBuilder application.The analysis fails with the following message: "Warning : Error while retrieving information about a PB library, bad library name" due to a missing forward slash in a .CAST generated file.SCRAIP-23519
7946All TechnologiesCMS Application When using the CAST Management Studio.A NullPointerException seems to randomly occur when adding a new version, or adding a new analysis unit, running an analysis, synchronizing, accepting delivery etc.SCRAIP-24398
7980.NET - C#CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Data Flow Security Analysis When attempting to analyze a .NET application.The analysis is crashing during the User Input Security (i.e. dataflow security) step with an XMLTODB error: "System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'C:\Program Files\CAST\8.2\castil-system.xml' is denied. "SCRAIP-23669
8054ABAPApplication Engineering Dashboard (AED) When using the "Find" option in the Transaction Investigation view in the CAST Application Engineering Dashboard.A set of results are returned by the "Find" option, but more are not readily available until you keep clicking on "show more".SCRAIP-24060
8063ABAPCMS Snapshot/Analysis When looking at the results of a SAP/ABAP analysis where the code contains the generic transactions START_REPORT and SE16.There are no links between transactions and ABAP programs with regard to the START_REPORT transaction and no links between transactions and the database view or table with regard to the SE16 transaction.SCRAIP-23946
8073N/ACAST Update Tool (CUT) When attempting to upgrade to a new release of CAST AIP.The central schema upgrade fails with the error "SQL Error: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "wk_tcc_correct_tr_pk"."SCRAIP-23961
8079JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When running a JEE analysis and snapshot.The analysis/snapshot runs for a very long time and seems to be stuck on the Quality Rule "Avoid indirect String concatenation inside loops" with the procedure "DIA_JAVA_StrConCatInLoop".SCRAIP-23972
8126N/AApplication Analytics Dashboard (AAD) When looking at the results of an analysis in the CAST Application Analysis Dashboard.The technical criterion "Architecture - OS and Platform Independence" is always incorrectly calculated as 1.SCRAIP-24064
8130JEE - JSPCMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When looking at the results of a JEE analysis where JavaScript files are included in JSP files using the scriptlet "<%=..%>".JavaScript method calls inside the included JavaScript files are not detected by the analyzer.SCRAIP-24026
8131SQL - PL/SQLCMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to run a snapshot containing PL/SQL source code.The snapshot fails with: ERROR: null value in column "description" violates not-null constraint .SCRAIP-24085
8230VBCMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When attempting to run a VB analysis.The analysis fails with the errors:

- VB6 analysis failed with the following error: %1 is not a valid Win32 application
- Failed to connect on local database - connection profile may be badly configured
8231VBCAST Engineering Dashboard When looking at the results of an Application analysis.Some objects are not violating Quality Rules when they should.SCRAIP-24606
8258All TechnologiesCMS Infrastructure/Services - Review Dynamic Links When attempting to process Dynamic Links with a Dynamic Link rule.The Dynamic link Rules is failing with the following error :

Loading failed: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.Data.ProviderIncompatibleException: An error occurred while getting provider information from the database. This can be caused by Entity Framework using an incorrect connection string. Check the inner exceptions for details and ensure that the connection string is correct. ---> System.Data.ProviderIncompatibleException: The provider did not return a ProviderManifestToken string. ---> Npgsql.NpgsqlException: FATAL: 53300: sorry, too many clients already
   at Npgsql.NpgsqlState.<ProcessBackendResponses_Ver_3>d__9.MoveNext()
8266JEE - JSPCMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When attempting to use the Text Replacement feature available for JEE analyses.The Text Replacement feature does not work as expected.SCRAIP-24134
8307JEE - JavaAnalysis Manager - DLM Attempting to run dynamic links rule post an upgrade from 8.1.x to 8.2.x.The rule does not process any links and reports that there are "0 links to be reviewed."SCRAIP-24467
8313N/ADelivery Manager Tool When attempting to package database schemas (in UAX format) with the CAST Delivery Manager Tool.The packaging succeeds, but contains many warnings.SCRAIP-24551
8326N/ACAST Engineering Dashboard When looking at the results of post upgrade snapshot.There is a large increase in the number of violations for the Quality Rules: "Avoid direct access to Database Tables" - 7914 and "Data Access must be based on Stored Procedure Calls" - 3616.SCRAIP-24668
8365;7971SQL - PL/SQLCMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to analyze an Oracle PL/SQL schema.The analysis fails with syntax errors on unsupported syntax (PIVOT/UNPIVOT/LISTAGG).SCRAIP-24681
8398JEE - JavaCMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to analyze a JEE application containining Hibernate/JPA.Some @NamedQueries embedded in a container annotations, e.g.: @NamedQueries({..}) are not being detected by the analyzer.SCRAIP-24671
    When attempting to run a BusinessObjects analysis.The analysis fails with the error "Error while analyzing Universes".SCRAIP-23789
    When looking at the results of a JEE/SQL analysis with regard to the Quality Rule "Avoid using SQL queries inside a loop" (7424).Violations are expected for the class simpleJDBCTemplate, but none are reported (false negative). This is due to:

- The Spring Framework 3.0 does not have the parametrized method update for org.springframework.jdbc.core.simple.SimpleJdbcTemplate.update. So, the Inference Engine is not able to identify the SQL queries.
- The query is defined in a static field and so, the method write is not considered as a SQL Artifact which is the scope of this Quality rule.
 N/A  When using the CAST Transaction Configuration Center (TCC).TCC UI shows duplicate TF/DF after a sequence of merge-split-undo.SCRAIP-24520
 N/A  When looking at the EFP Quality Rule with the ID "10340".The name used in the documentation part of the Assessment Model (loaded from SPECDocumentation.xml) is not consistent with the metric name.

Instead of "Enhanced Automated Function Points Total" we can see "Automated Function Points total".
 N/A  When analyzing a JEE maven project, with Analysis Units that depend on other Analysis Units (for example AU1 > AU2 > AU3 representing Class A, Class B, Class C)Class C is not linked via Class B to Class A, when it should be.SCRAIP-24618
 N/A  When looking at the CMS/TCC logs with regard to badly calibrated Data Functions/Transactional Functions and the show repair report.It is not possible to view the relevant Application name or ID.SCRAIP-24675