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Justification GivenCount
Generated Code21286
Getter/Setter java methods5084
Java Method - set2769
XML Generated Code2136
Coming from designer files. This was verified with architect too. 1602
WSDL Generated1406
No calls to DB or Java1396
.wfm DAO classes methods not called by anyone1287
XML Generated Code. Only getter and setter methods1207
Temp class809
toString methods are technical762
setter method608
get Method582
Test Related. Can be ignored.508
Used only for creating object factory453
XML generated Code. Has only getter and setter methods411
Methods of exception classes, valid technical385
Java Method - Interface Methods - Methods from Interfaces are abstact and not expected to be part of transaction. Implementation Class methods are expected to be part of Transaction.271
these helper methods will not be part of transaction246
As verfieid with architect, these are generated code coming at model layer and generating from designer files. 241
get method returning variable value241
To string methods, expected to be technical225
All utility methods & they all have getters & setters215
Standard EJB methods. Won't be part of Functional transactions199
Equals method not functional180
hashCode methods are technical177
Java Method - toString - Should be ignored as it is used for String Conversion only165
String Operations only.163
Methods of DTO classes not participating in any functional call, mostly getters & setters162
There is no JCL job here, so cobol programs are not covered in transactions140
Getter method of a DAO class132
Panel related methods120
set method modifying variable value120
XML Generated Code. Only setter and getter methods118
HTML5 CSS source code fragment - Thi sis not expected to be part of the transaction. Thus, can be ignored.101
Factory class methods97
hascode methods will not partificate in Transations 88
All these methods belong to Template Classes84
Generated code67
Java Method - This is just returning a new object59
Will get covered by handling intermediate SOAP Operations55
Used for initialization and no other functionality52
Java Method - get - Returning an object51
Used for cleanup. Can be ignored50
Perl transactions are all havign 0 FP as they are not having any functional call. They are not having any call to Shell/ Java also48
Java Method - Exception Class methods. Mostly used for printing/tracking46
From js files42
Log related.41
These java methods are coming from jsp files, which are mostly getter methods39
Java Method - Form - validate is used to validate the fields of the form38
All these methods coming out of jsp files & they do not have call to logical end points - most of them are get methods35
These subroutines do not have a call to any DB operation, those which have are reveresed using custom proc & taken care35
Getter methods of utility class34
Constructor does not contribute to transactions. Methods contribute33
Execute method is not going to any valid end point27
Java Method - Abstract Methods need not be part of transaction27
No caller found, some of the procedures are ending in model layer which are coming from designer files and they are generated code27
Initializer can be ignored26
Abstract method25
GUI Code22
Java Method - EJB - ejbActivate - It is validated in enlighten that there is no functionlaity expected from this method.22
Java Method - EJB - ejbPassivate - It is validated in enlighten that there is no functionlaity expected from this method.22
Java Method - EJB - ejbRemove - It is validated in enlighten that there is no functionality expected from this method.22
These are build scripts used to package/compile code. We shouldn’t configure them as part of application functionalities22
Java Method - Form - reset is used to reset all the fields of the form21
set method setting variable value21
Addign classes as entry points19
Java Method - EJB - ejbCreate - This method is required by EJB specification. This is called by container immediately after instantiation. No functionality19
Used for display purpose only19
Java Methods - Hibernate is one of the standard end point, but with Contribute value as 0. Thus, these come under Technical Points18
Shell programs are not added as entry points because they are used as only scripts for loading data18
There are no valid calls to Java or DB. Thus 0 FP17
getter method17
For printing purpose16
Java Method - DAO - Methods of Interfaces are not expected to be part of the transactions15
Utility methods such as doHeader, copy file expected to be technical15
Java Method - Coming in TP as some SOAP Operations are not created and entry is missed in TCC14
No functional Code.14
no functional call from these shell program so valid technical object14
All these procedures are actually called by SP_FNCUS_FAN_DATA proc but that is not called anywhere in the code provided11
No caller in source code10
TMP procedure10
These procedures are not called in entire source code & they have create statements10
initialization methods not part of transactions10
no caller , valid technical object10
setter methods10
there is no caller of oracle procedure , checked in complete code also10
No calls in code9
These do not have valid end points but the onMessage method of this class is already having valid FP9
These objects call DB. But no direct callers found for these methods. Class is called by Main method and those Main methods have valid FP because of other valid flows. Screenshot saved in Sheet19
used for closing conenction9
Utility methods8
eFile - Checked in Enlighten that there are no Calls further to any valid end point. Thus, no FP8
Call coming till controller class method but that method is not getting called from UI layer6
Generic Java Methods - These will never be part of the transaction, instead instantiated methods will be end points if applicable6
Table which is getting called has been IGNORED. Thus, 0 FP6
There are 2 classes with same name, links have been formed to other Method of the class with same name6
css file6
GUI code5
Java Method - DAO - Not invoken by any other component5
Logger methods5
No functional code here5
Not called in entire source code5
Pick out each operation's Status Success object from the response. No other functionality5
This method is not invoked by any method5
Used for migration, but these procedures are not called in entire source code5
empty Transaction5
no action call found in this jsp , so valid technical object,empty Transaction5
C++ Method4
C++ Method - legacy4
No Valid entry point4
Oracle procedure - Not called anywhere in source code4
Setting values and no other functionality4
These oracle procedures are not called in source code4
Util class method4
eFile - Deleted Transaction from Standard Calibration Kit4
initializer method4
Data feed procedures but not called in source code3
Java Method - This is from a Util Class which doesn't have any valid entry point3
There is no caller of this oracle view 3
no action path fpund in struts-config.xml , valid technical object3
Ending with some integer. Redundant code2
Java Method - Call happening from one external JS. Thus, can be ignored2
Java Method - There are no valid entry points2
NO caller of this method2
No caller to this method 2
Setter method2
Template File2
Test procedure2
These main methods do not have implementaion2
This has DB queries, but the DB table is not delivered and also there is no caller for this function2
copy activity, do not have any other functionality2
error page2
used for front end validation2
ApplicationUsageMonitor. Does not have any valid entry/end point 1
C/C++ Function1
C/C++ Function - legacy1
Call coming till controller method but that method is not getting called from UI layer1
Called by a java field which is not called by any code1
Called by shell which are no entry points1
Called by store method of DAO calss(from wfm folder), which is not called1
Called by store method of the DAO class which is not called by anyone1
Footer jsp1
For printing purpose only valid empty1
GUI page1
Goes to File output. But there is no caller for this1
Java Method - DAO - Used to set some values and no further funcationlaity1
Maping is there in dp_dao.xml file from the class RemocateStoredPocedure to this . Need to check how theya re connected1
No Valid entry point. Checking for the availability of date1
No caller of the method Coming from remote class which is calling this method1
No caller of this method1
No code in this method. Only exception handling code1
No functional code1
No functionality1
Not going to any logical end point1
Only initialization code1
Oracle Procedure - Ending with name, can be ignored1
Oracle procedure - Getting called from Shell, but the table called by procedure is deleted. Thus, in TP1
Returns a Date and no other functionality1
Setting prefix1
Table is not provided where the DB call is happening1
The Db referred in this jsp file is not provided1
There is no caller of the Remote method1
This call method is actually returning null1
This calls DB which is not delivered.1
This eFile has a call to DB but the table is not provided1
This is again - where we do not have table provided, example:- CiscoMTTunnelTrapTypes1
This is the main procedure which is calling others but this is not called elsewhere in code1
This oracle procedure is called by a perl program which should be captured1
Will add Uncalled Beans called classes as entry points1
abstract method from interface1
calls HTML5 js function function which is also called by another entry point1
empty method1
has no code. Only return statement1
iscalled by update method of DAO class which is not called by anyone1
method returning boolean value only1
no action call found in this jsp , so valid technical object1
no action call found in this jsp , so valid technical object , empty Transaction1
no caller of this methods1
no functional code in this method1
no valid entry point found for this method1
not going to any valid end point1
reference of .sql , but link missing from shell to sql , we have ticket for this #15924 , as per support this is product limitation 1
settinng sufix1