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Users of the extension providing HTML5/JavaScript support for Web applications.

Summary: This document provides basic information about the extension providing HTML5/JavaScript support for Web applications.


This extension provides support for HTML5/JavaScript.

In what situation should you install this extension?

If your Web application contains HTML5/JavaScript source code and you want to view these object types and their links with other objects, then you should install this extension:

  • The extension provides support for Automated Function Point counting.
  • Handles pure JavaScript code:
    • creates "functions"
    • local call links between function calls and functions inside each JavaScript file.
  • Handles html files: 
    • creates one "HTML5 Source Code" object that is the caller of html to js links and a transaction entry point
    • broadcasts tags and attributes/values to other CAST extensions such as AngularJS. Other extensions will not need to analyze the files themselves.
  • Files whose names end with .min.js and Spec.js (tests) are ignored.
  • Checksum, number of code lines, number of comment lines, comments are present.
  • Local and global resolution is done when function is called directly through its name (inference engine resolution is not available).
  • For global resolution, caller is searched in all .js files. If only one callee is found, a link is created. If several callees are found, the analyzer watches inclusions in html files to see if it can filter the callee. It nothing is found in html files to filter, links are created to all possible callees.

Files analyzed

  • *.html
  • *.js
  • *.css
Note that by default some files are automatically excluded from the analysis, typically third-party frameworks which are not required. Please see the filters.json file located at the root of the extension folder for a complete list of default exclusions.

Transaction configuration

HTML5 source code: it represents the whole HTML file content.

Function Point, Quality and Sizing support

This extension provides the following support:

  • Function Points (transactions): a green tick indicates that OMG Function Point counting and Transaction Risk Index are supported
  • Quality and Sizing: a green tick indicates that CAST can measure size and that a minimum set of Quality Rules exist
Function Points
Quality and Sizing

Comparison with existing support for JavaScript in CAST AIP

CAST AIP has provided support for analyzing JavaScript via its J2EE and .NET analyzers (provided out of box in CAST AIP) for some time now. The HTML5/JavaScript extension also provides support for JavaScript but with a focus on web applications. CAST highly recommends that you use this extension if your Application contains JavaScript and more specifically if you want to analyze a web application, however you should take note of the following:

  • You should ensure that you configure the extension to NOT analyze the back end web client part of a .NET or J2EE application.
  • You should ensure that you configure the extension to ONLY analyze the front end web application built with the HTML5/JavaScript that communicates with the back end web client part of a .NET or J2EE application.
  • If the back end web client part of a .NET or J2EE application is analyzed with the HTML5/JavaScript extension and with the native .NET/J2EE analyzers, then your results will reflect this - there will be duplicate objects and links (i.e. from the analyzer and from the extension) therefore impacting results and creating erroneous Function Point data.

CAST AIP compatibility

This extension is compatible with:

CAST AIP release
7.3.4 and all higher 7.3.x releases(tick)

Supported DBMS servers

This extension is compatible with the following DBMS servers:

CAST AIP releaseCSS2OracleMicrosoft
All supported releases(tick)(tick)(error)


(tick)An installation of any compatible release of CAST AIP (see table above)

Download and installation instructions

The latest release status of this extension can be seen when downloading it from the CAST Extend server.

Packaging, delivering and analyzing your source code

Please see: HTML5 and JavaScript - Packaging, delivering and analyzing your source code

What results can you expect?

Once the analysis/snapshot generation has completed, you can view the results in the normal manner:

CAST Enlighten

CAST Management Studio analysis content


The following objects are displayed in CAST Enlighten:

JavaScript file
HTML5 Source Code
HTML5 CSS Source Code
HTML5 CSS Source Code Fragment
HTML5 JavaScript Function
HTML5 JavaScript Source Code
HTML5 JavaScript Source Code Fragment
HTML5 Web Socket Service
HTML5 Get XMLHttpRequest Service
HTML5 Update XMLHttpRequest Service
HTML5 Post XMLHttpRequest Service
HTML5 Delete XMLHttpRequest Service


The list of rules is available here:

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