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CAST AI Administrators

Changes in Metric or Quality Rule Results in version 8.2.x

Unsupported CAST Product functionalities


The following technologies are not supported in this version:

  • PL/SQL Script - note that a CAST AIP Extension for SQL Script files is available for use - see here.

These technologies are expected to be supported in future versions.


Corporate Wide Portal

The Corporate Wide Portal was discontinued in CAST AIP 8.1. CAST Server Manager in CAST AIP 8.2 will not recognise any schemas installed for use with the Corporate Wide Portal. Please use the CAST Application Analytics Dashboard instead.

Future discontinued CAST Product functionalities



Support for analyzing BusinessObjects will be removed in the next major release of CAST AIP.

Report Center

Product deprecation

CAST Report Center will be completely removed in the next minor version of CAST.

Tag Files

Please note that the NewFile:=xxxx tag option is deprecated. If you have any report templates or queries that use this variable, please make sure you modify them to use the alternative NewFile:=% tag option.

CAST Engineering Dashboard (former CAST Dashboard)


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