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This section explains how to migrate from previous versions of CAST. Please read the information below for the specific version you are using before proceeding.


This first release of CAST 7 (7.0.0) is mainly meant for upgrades of our Beta and Release Candidate customers and for new installations. You can use it for pilots, POCs, but also first implementations at new customers or additional installations at existing customers. Please note, however, that you can only upgrade existing CAST databases whose first installation was made with a 7.0 beta or release candidate (as opposed to CAST databases that were installed with 6.4 or before and then migrated to a 7.0 beta/RC).

As such the guide pages provided below are not valid for use with CAST 7.0.0.

To migrate to 7.0.0, run CAST Server Manager and upgrade the existing CAST databases. Then, re-run all jobs and create a new snapshot.

When migrating JEE Analysis Units in the CAST Management Studio, you may experience that all paths (xml, properties, ....) are found in the Java source selection. You will have to re-run a "Project Discovery" on the source code repository of the Analysis Unit and set any remaining erroneous paths to the right location.

7.0.1 and above

Release 7.0.1 and above provide support for migrations from previous CAST versions. Please consult the guide pages below: