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Purpose (problem description)

While using CURL to call API to update Extend Offline Proxy, Extensions we get an error: Cannot POST /api/update

This page will help you upload new Extensions to the Offline Extend Service when you come across the error. 

command used: curl -H "x-cxproxy-apikey:e3a5e391-2cc2-43e6-bbaa-d491783fca0e" -F "data=@C:\ProgramData\CAST\Data\bundle\default.extarchive" http://<HOSTNAME>:8085/api/update                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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<pre>Cannot POST /api/update</pre>

Extend Proxy Version



Observed in RDBMS



Oracle Server N/A
Microsoft SQL ServerN/A 
Step by Step scenario
  1. Once the Extension data archive file is available
  2. run curl: command used: curl -H "x-cxproxy-apikey:e3a5e391-2cc2-43e6-bbaa-d491783fca0e" -F "data=@C:\ProgramData\CAST\Data\bundle\default.extarchive" http://<HOSTNAME>:8085/api/update         

Action Plan

Please follow the below steps to solve the issue 

  1. Download the required extensions using Extension updater CLI
  2. Export the extensions as extarchive file.Update CAST Extend local server with new content

  3. Use this API with below curl command:  http://<HOSTNAME>:8085/api/synchronization/bundle/upload

curl -H "XCGN1-0BBBCDC445B1DBC1E6BB6913D38C3AD1D8D25DCBFC2FC82BAA3A13F590913081" -F "data=@C:\ProgramData\CAST\Data\bundle\default.extarchive" http://<HOSTNAME>:8085/api/synchronization/bundle/upload

If the above steps do not solve your issue contact CAST Technical Support. with the following Relevant input for CAST Technical Support to investigate further.


Relevant input


Ticket # 39567

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