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Summary: this page describes how to use the Search configuration panel.

A user with the ADMIN or SUPER ADMIN role is required.


The Search panel allows you to configure parameters specifically for searching for objects in the current application based on the objects' properties:

These search parameter selections are then made available to users when using the global (i.e. "all application") search option based on properties:

For example, it is possible for users to configure a very specific search for objects based on particular property values, for example:

Where do these properties come from?

The properties that can be configured for search purposes are calculated during the analysis process, before the application data is imported into CAST Imaging. A value for each available property is calculated by CAST for every object in the Application and this is then stored with the rest of the Application data. CAST Imaging has access to this properties data and it can be used for search purposes.

Configuring properties for search purposes

In a fresh installation of CAST Imaging (when no Applications have been imported), no properties are available for configuration. When the first Application is then imported, properties will become visible in the Search panel and by default, some will be automatically made available to users:

  • on the left hand side in the image below are the properties that are not yet visible to users when searching
  • on the right hand side in the image below are the properties that are already available to users for search purposes

Click to enlarge

To change the properties that are available to users:

  • select the property / properties (you can also use the Select All option)
  • then use the arrow selectors to move the selected properties from one side to the other

For example to move the Halstead Program Length property from the left to the right side to make it available to users, select it and then click the highlighted arrow:

The property is now located on the right and can be used by users when searching for objects:

Using the search fields to find specific properties

You can use the search fields on both the left and right hand sides to filter the properties you want:

On the left hand side (Available Properties), there is also a filter option to determine where the string you enter will be searched:

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