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Problem description

Cast Version: 7.0.10

Avoid too many copy pasted artifacts metric displays objects from other applications.
Consider we have two applications as listed below. Both applications have similar code

  • Application1
  • Application2

Analyze and generate snapshots for 2 applications. Launch Dashboard and select Application1 snapshot. Search for "Avoid too many copy pasted artifacts" metric. Select the metric from the result. Select the first object from "Objects with Violation" List.
Referring below picture of the dashboard, we have selected object "CopyPatch". It can be observed that under "Involved Objects in Path ID 387" section, CopyPatch object has occurred twice. 
But First object is from Application1.Class1 and Second from Application2.Class1

Applicable in CAST Version
8.0.x (question) 
7.3.x (question)
Action Plan

This is Normal Behavior.
If two applications has many common artifacts, then "avoid too many copy pasted artifacts" will display objects from both the applications since the scope of this metric is not limited to Application but the whole Knowledge Base.

To avoid this situation, it is recommended to

  1. Choose different Knowledge Base for each application.
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