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Summary: This section describes the upgrade process for the CAST-RESTAPI-integrated.war file when using the Dashboards embedded in AIP Console. CAST highly recommends upgrading this file when upgrading to a new release of the AIP Console/AIP Node packages.

If you are not using the Dashboards embedded in AIP Console, this step is not required. Instead, please see Standalone Dashboard update.

Step 1 - Ensure Apache Tomcat is stopped

Before starting, ensure that Apache Tomcat is not running.

Step 2 - Deploy the new CAST-RESTAPI-integrated.war

Obtain the new CAST-RESTAPI-integrated.war file from the AIP Console media and rename it so that you can deploy it alongside the existing CAST-RESTAPI-integrated.war file, for example to CAST-RESTAPI-integrated_new.war. Now unzip the CAST-RESTAPI-integrated_new.war to the following location:


This should give you the following file hierarchy:

Step 3 - Copy and paste files from existing WAR file into the new WAR file

Copy the following files from the existing WAR file:


And paste them in to the relevant location in the new WAR file, overwriting the existing files if they exist:


Step 4 - Undeploy the existing WAR file

Undeploy the existing CAST-RESTAPI-integrated.war file from Apache Tomcat - you can use Apache Tomcat manager to do this, or simply delete the relevant folder and file in CATALINA_HOME\webapps.

Step 5 - Rename the new WAR file and corresponding folder

Rename the new WAR file and its corresponding folder to match the name used by the previous WAR file:

Step 6 - Restart Apache Tomcat

Restart Apache Tomcat and ensure that the CAST-RESTAPI-integrated webapp has started correctly using Apache Tomcat manager:

Step 7 - Check access to CAST Dashboards from AIP Console

Browse to your AIP Console URL http://<server>:8081/ui/index.html, login to AIP Console and check that you can access the Engineering and Health Dashboards via the options:


Cannot access the Dashboards post upgrade

Check that:

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