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Package contents:

Can be used with:

  • 8.3.3

Package contents:

Feature Updates:

  • Health Dashboard: 
    • Support for ISO-5055 extension 
    • "Search Application" option in the "Number of applications" page
    • Release version is given in the home page
  • Engineering Dashboard: 
    • Support for ISO-5055 extension 
    • ISO report names are added and OMG report names are removed
    • APR provides the number of occurrences during which the violation of a rule takes place
    • In Technical Debt (OMG), the Adjustment Factor value are now set to two decimal places
    • In Risk Investigation>Bookmarks, the text "Defect" is changed to "Occurrence"
    • Release version is given in the home page


  • Contains customer bug fixes for the Engineering Dashboard and the Health Dashboard

RestAPI documentation


Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
DASHBOARDS-3456Correction to fix an issue where the Technical Size indicator view is not working at single application level in the Health Dashboard.
DASHBOARDS-3454Correction to fix an issue where the dashboard is not working in IE11.


New Features

HD: Implemented "Search Application" option in the "Number of applications" page.The multi-application level, now includes a new option "Search Application" which allows you to search application by name.
Support for ISO-5055 Index extension metrics in Health and Engineering Dashboards.The new ISO-5055 Index extension is now supported with full functionality. New tiles have been added to both the Engineering and Health Dashboards to automatically display ISO-5055 data, with full drill down capability.

Feature Improvements

OMG efforts in Action Plan Recommendation featureThe Action Plan Recommendation (APR) feature is now using the OMG specified/modified efforts in its calculation. In addition, a new column called "Occurrences" has been added that represents the number of occurrences of any violation.
GUI - Adjustment FactorThe "Adjustment Factor" column in the "Technical Debt (OMG)" table now displays the value using 2 decimal places.

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
DASHBOARDS-3226Exclusion View: Tooltip should be disabled in background, when dialog box is open.
DASHBOARDS-3346Extend tile Description for engineering having encrypted string
DASHBOARDS-3366Multiple API hits in the Active/Scheduled exclusions view
DASHBOARDS-3388APR: Criteria and rules are always displaying from AIP assessment model when you change the health measure from industry standards AM
DASHBOARDS-3405Trending Tiles do not take into account the timeframe
DASHBOARDS-3327The dashboard build number has been removed from the footer, instead, the release number will be displayed.

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
28809HD is failing to load with error - 'Bad connection definition' on latest versions (1.24 & 1.25)
28765Inconsistent behavior observed while ordering Risk profile in Health Dashboard.
28740In Health Dashboard, unable to sort based on number of LoC in a specific technology
28478HD - Dashboard data appears to be overlapping

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