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MS SQL Server / Sybase Technology options

The MS SQL Server /Sybase Technology editor contains various tabs. Each is explained below.


  • There is a dedicated Technology editor for MS SQL Server and one for Sybase ASE, however, their options are identical and are therefore described here in one page.
  • The options in this Technology editor are the default options that will be used to populate the same fields in Applications and Analysis Units. If you need to define specific options for a specific Application or Analysis Unit, then please use the Application editor (Analysis tab) or the Analysis Unit editor.
  • If you make a change to a specific option at Application or Analysis Unit level, and then subsequently change the same option via this editor, this setting will NOT be mirrored back to the Application or Analysis Unit - this is because specific settings at Application and Analysis Unit level have precedence if they have been changed from the default setting available in this editor.
Production tab

Process Settings - Inference Engine

Use Inference Engine Use this option to activate the Inference Engine during the analysis. Run time type information will be computed in order to simulate program behaviour during execution of the analyzer and thus identify additional links that would not otherwise be "discovered" using standard analysis techniques. This technology detects a reference to an object wherever its name is mentioned, regardless of the context in which this reference occurs.

Process Settings - Execution

Number of instances

This option allows you to limit the number of objects held in memory before they are committed to disk during the save process of an analysis.

Please contact CAST Support before modifying this option.

Dependencies tab

Please see the Dependencies tab for more information about this.

Reference Pattern tab

Please see the Reference Pattern tab for more information about this.

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