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To deliver source code:

  • Drag and drop one .zip or .tar.gz  file containing your source code - or click the upload cloud icon to add a file using a traditional "open file" method.
  • If you have configured a source code folder (see Administration Center - Settings - Source Folder Location) you can click the yellow folder to add code directly from this folder - only one folder in the designated path can be selected:

If you want to deliver source code containing:

In a rescan scenario, CAST highly recommends setting the following options as follows:

OptionOption positionDescription
Backup ApplicationENABLED or DISABLED

Unticked by default. Selecting the option will cause the Application to be backed up as part of the actions you choose. This may cause some additional processing time while the backup completes. Backups are stored in the following location on the relevant AIP Node and can be managed in Administration Center - Applications - Application Details:

Same configuration as previous versionENABLED

This will ensure that your configuration (Modules, Exclusion Rules and Objectives) are identical to the settings used in the previous version, therefore retaining result continuity, although you are free to make changes to Exclusion Rules and Optimizations if you require by clicking the Next button as highlighted below - note that changing other settings in the wizard may impact the stability of your results. In addition, the option Enable Automatic discovery (see below) will be available (and will be enabled).

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When disabled, AIP Console will create a version ignoring any previous Version settings and options - i.e. as if it was a brand new Version.

Enable Automatic discoveryENABLED
Only available when adding a new version when a version already exists and when the option Same configuration as previous version (see above) is enabled.
  • When enabled (default position), AIP Console will perform the "code discovery" step and as a consequence, for any new source code added in the new version, new extensions may be downloaded i.e. discovered and force_install extensions (unless a specific Extension Strategy is in place), new packages may be detected and new Analysis Units may be created. Note that new releases of extensions that were used in the previous version will NOT be automatically downloaded, installed and used.
  • When disabled, AIP Console will not perform the "code discovery" step and as a consequence this ensures that the configuration of the new version is identical to the configuration used in the previous version even if new source code has been added in the new version. No new extensions will be downloaded and installed and no existing extensions will be updated.

Choose whether you want to run an analysis immediately after the source code is delivered. Technically the Run analysis option also includes an internal step called "Prepare analysis data" step, which allows:

  • Source code to be viewed when validating Dynamic Links
  • Architecture Models results to be checked before generating a snapshot

Standard rescan for AIP for Imaging

For a Standard onboarding scenario, you should enable this option. Enabling this option includes the following steps that would otherwise need to be manually actioned:

  • Validate the Version - i.e. the delivered source code
  • Accept the Version
  • Set as current version - i.e. the version to be analyzed

Enabling the option will also automatically expose the following options:

Advanced rescan for AIP for Imaging

For an Advanced rescan scenario, you should disable this option. This will allow you to work through the process of validating/accepting the version, running an analysis and generating a snapshot as separate steps.

Publish to CAST ImagingENABLED or DISABLED
  • If you do not see this option, you must enable the Run analysis option.
  • If this option is visible, but is unavailable for selection, this means that a corresponding CAST Imaging instance has not been configured. See Administration Center - Settings - Imaging Settings for more information.

Choose whether you want to publish the snapshot in your CAST Imaging instance immediately after the source code is delivered. This option is enabled by default:

Standard rescan for AIP for Imaging

For a Standard rescan scenario, you should enable this option.

Advanced rescan for AIP for Imaging

For an Advanced rescan scenario, you should disable this option. This will allow you to work through the process of validating/accepting the version, running an analysis and publishing to CAST Imaging as separate steps.

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