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Source Code pre-processing

In few delivery situation you may have to pre-process the code delivered and fine analysis unit tune setting before running the analysis.

Wherever possible this step must be execute proactively to save time and improve analysis efficiency. Typically the need for pre-processing may be trigger by the DMT deliver content report (extension section) or from information gathered during  qualification of the application  with the application team. Fee of the most common cases:

  • Create participating databases from scripts

Because an SCM can only manage files, and as the database schema of an application is strictly dependent on the version of the application, the database schema description is normally stored in file format in the SCM with the application source code. The descriptions can be stored as simple DDL scripts, or in a proprietary format..
On the other hand, CASTanalyzes only databases on servers, not scripts. So you will have to "pre-process" these SCM-fetched database scripts to transform them into participating databases.


    • sql file extension found and no database package
  • Split files

Some client code may require some preprocessing because the fetched source code is not usable by CAST in its extracted form. 
For instance, several COBOL or JCL programs can be present in a single file, one after the other separated by some specific comment. You will have to pre-process these files, to split them into one program per file.


    •  Jspx files must be pre-process to transform them to jsp (text transformation)(s)
    • unexpected or unusual file extension which warrant a more indent file inspection
  • Reorganize code

Sometimes the code inside each file is good for analysis, but the file organization is not adequate (this can happen for instance with web applications when URL-related pages are not folder-related using the same pattern, or when java source code is not in a folder path that matches their package). 
In these cases, you will probably need to do some pre-processing to move the files to more satisfactory locations.


    • application qualifications indicate that the development and  deployment environment are different
    • cursory inspection of .war or .ear files hints to a different structure 

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