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Summary: this page describes Application Management section of AIP Console.

Accessing Application Management

Login and switch to the AIP Console option (all users can access Application Management):

Alternatively, you can browse to the following URL - modify the URL for your own environment:


Available options

The Application Management screen lists all Applications that the current user has permission to interact with (see Administration Center - Security - User Roles):


Filter options:

  • Version Status - by default this tab is enabled and allow you to filter on the Version Status column. Ticking a sub-option, for example Analysis failed, will display only those items matching that status:

Click to enlarge

  • App domain - by default this tab allows you to filter on the App Domain column, i.e. by domains that the Applications are attached to:

Click to enlarge

Filter selections are cumulative. You can delete individual filters or reset all filters at the same time using Reset filters:

2Search for a specific Application in the list.
3Add a new Application into AIP Console. See Add a new Application.
4Name of the Application. Click to go straight to the Application - Overview page.

Version name.

Note that when a version is rejected, purged or deleted, the next most recent version will be displayed in this list. If no other latest versions exist (for example you deleted/rejected the initial version for the application) no version will be displayed for the application in this list.
6Domain that the Application belongs to, if any.
7Status of the current version for the given Application.

Status of the most recent action performed for the given Application:

  • Green = success
  • Yellow = action stopped manually
  • Red = action failed

Click to view the last action performed on the Application, for example:

9Next action available for the Application.

Link to open either the embedded Engineering Dashboard or CAST Imaging (if configured):

Embedded Engineering Dashboard
CAST Imaging

The icons will be displayed in the following situations:

Engineering Dashboard

  • if the embedded Dashboards have been set up (see Embedded CAST Dashboard deployment process)
  • AND if there is at least one version created for an Application - however, this can mean that there may not be snapshots available, therefore clicking the icon will lead to an error when opening the embedded Engineering Dashboard.

CAST Imaging

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