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This documentation is no longer maintained and may contain obsolete information. You should instead refer to Application rescan.


When your application source code changes and you want to analyze this new source code, you need to deliver a new version of your application with the CAST Delivery Manager Tool. This section explains how to do this.

Create a new version

In the CAST Delivery Manager Tool, return to the Version screen and you should see the initial version with Delivery accepted. CAST recommends that you do not start work on a new version before the previous version has been accepted by the CAST administrator:

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If you do not see Delivery accepted, your local information may be out of date - click the Refresh button to get the latest status from the CAST AIC Portal:

Now add the new version and ensure that you choose to copy the previous version - this will mean that all configuration settings used in the previous version will also be copied:

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Choose a name and date for the new version and click Finish:

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At this point:

  • if the only thing that has changed is the source code itself, then you can go ahead and package the Version right away (you may need to enter passwords for source code locations if you chose not to store them on the CAST AIC Portal).
  • if the source code has been moved, then update the corresponding package to point to the new location
  • if new source code locations now need to be delivered, add new packages

Finally, run the package action (see How do I package the Version). You may need to fine tune (see How do I fine-tune my Version) as in previous versions.

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