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This documentation is no longer maintained and may contain obsolete information. You should instead refer to Application onboarding.


Delivery is a multi-step phase that includes the delivery of the Application source code and its subsequent validation.

The source code Delivery phase is performed by the Application team with the support of the CAST AI Admin. It encompasses all tasks associated with the extraction, packaging and validation of the application source code to be analyzed and with the delivery of the version. It may include, if required, the configuration of exclusions (e.g. test code) performed via fine tuning the configuration of the CAST Delivery Manager Tool packages.

This short video provides a high level introduction to how the CAST AIC Portal and the Delivery Manager Tool (DMT) ) support the extraction, validation, and delivery of application source code for analysis in CAST AIP:

Key Points for using the CAST Delivery Manager Tool

  • This section assumes that your CAST AIC Portal is already configured. Please refer to Register the Application in the CAST AIC Portal and Configure the Delivery Manager role to find out more about this.

  • Any workstation on which you want to download and run the CAST Delivery Manager Tool requires a Java JRE. See Supported Platforms for more information.

  • Press the REFRESH button immediately upon starting the CAST Delivery Manager Tool, every time.

  • Passwords specified in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool should have the Remember Password option set to SERVER for future automation purposes.

This video provides an in-depth walk-through of the source code delivery process, using the AIC Portal and the Delivery Manager Tool (DMT):

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