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Summary: this page describes the CAST Report Generator Core release.


CAST Report Generator is now provided as an cross-platform ZIP file alongside the traditional Microsoft Windows GUI "installable" release. In other words this release can run on both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems and can be simply unzipped to the install location (no installer is provided). The primary goal of this release is to provide reporting capabilities to the CAST RestAPI - this integration is first and foremost used by the CAST dashboards to generate reports from within the dashboard interface (see CAST Dashboard Package - Report Generation configuration and Security Dashboard - Report Generation).

Where can I obtain the CAST Report Generator Core?

You can obtain the CAST Report Generator Core from the CAST Product Center - this requires a CAST login. Download the latest release, unpack the ZIP, and you will find another ZIP called alongside the traditional GUI based ReportGeneratorSetup.exe:

Extract the ZIP called and deploy the files as described below in Installation process.


  • No PDF export capabilities.
  • No GUI, CLI only.

Installation prerequisites

To install and use the CAST Report Generator, the following is required:

.NET Core 2.2.x runtime

CAST Report Generator Core requires the .NET Core 2.2.x runtime. This is available for both Microsoft Windows and for Linux operating systems:

Microsoft Windows

The runtime can be downloaded as an installer from - choose the .NET Core Installer for the 2.2.x runtime that matches your Windows environment:


Package manager instructions are provided for many different Linux distributions at - choose the Package Manager Instructions option here:

Then select the relevant Linux distribution to view the installation instructions:

Supported Operating Systems

CAST Report Generator Core only requires that .NET Core runtime is present on the operating system. Therefore any operating system that supports the installation of .NET Core can be used for the CAST Report Generator Core. CAST has tested Microsoft Windows and CentOS (Linux).


≥ 1.9.x(tick)

Folder access permissions

The user that Apache Tomcat is running as must have read/write access to the following locations:

  • folder into which the Report Generator Core is unzipped
  • "Logs" sub-folder.

In Linux environments, typically the "rw-" permission is sufficient.

Installation process

Deploy core files

Installing CAST Report Generator Core consists only of unzipping the downloaded file to a location on the target server, for example:

Microsoft WindowsD:\data\CAST\ReportGeneratorCore

Restart Apache Tomcat

Apache Tomcat (if installed on the same server as Report Generator Core) must be restarted so that the changes are taken into account.

Using CAST Report Generator Core

As mentioned previously, the primary goal of this release is to provide reporting capabilities to the CAST RestAPI - this integration is first and foremost used by the CAST dashboards to generate reports from within the dashboard interface (see CAST Dashboard Package - Release Notes - 1.9.0). However, it is also possible to use CAST Report Generator Core yourself via its CLI. The CLI instructions are identical to those provided for the standard CAST Report Generator GUI - see here for more instructions.

You must specify the CAST Report Generator Core in a specific way:

dotnet %path_to_CastReporting.Console.Core.dll% -webservice %webservice%  -username %username% -password %password% -application %application% -domain %domain% -template %template% -file %file%

For example:

dotnet "D:\data\CAST\ReportGeneratorCore\CastReporting.Console.Core.dll" -webservice "http://<server>:<port>/CAST-RESTAPI/rest/" -username cio -password cast -application "Jurassic Park" -domain "AED" -template "Executive-summary.docx" -file "D:\temp\Core_Report.docx"

Log files

The CAST Report Generator Core saves a log of all interactions in the folder into the Logs folder (located in the folder in to which you have unzipped the CAST Report Generator Core). One log file per day is generated:


For example ReportGenerator_20190328.log.

Return codes

One of the following codes will be returned on completion of the CLI:

0Report successfully generated
1Bad arguments given to the Report Generator
2Web service cannot be accessed or is badly configured
3Report failed

See also Report Service - 1.9.0 for more information.

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