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Import configuration / Export configuration

When you have created your sets you may wish to export their configuration to file for re-use in another instance of the CAST Transaction Configuration Center.

To do so:

  • Right click either the root Templates node or the Transaction Configuration node under the System > Application hierarchy
  • Select Import configuration or Export configuration as appropriate (to use the Import configuration option you need to have already used the Export setup option or have a .TCCSetup file to use)
  • Then:

Notes - You can also use the Import/Export options in the File menu to achieve the same.

Exporting from one node (i.e. Templates) will not include sets configured in the other node (i.e. Setup).

- You can import into a node (i.e. Templates) even if you exported from the other node (i.e. Setup).

- The export will not include the sets defined by default in the Built-in parameters nodes - When importing a standard configuration file (from <CAST AIP installation folder>\configuration\TCC or %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\CAST\Extensions\<extension folder>\configuration\TCC) into an Application, then the application configuration will be refreshed with the imported package's version. This is especially useful in order to perform a manual update on a package, if we have selected "Automatic configuration refresh: NO" in the computation settings (see Enabling/disabling the automatic configuration refresh process in Working with standard configuration files (.TCCSetup))

- You can use the right click Update Configuration option with an exported TCCSetup file to refresh the sets in your Template configuration. See also Update Configuration.

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