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Remove Locks (Troubleshooting)

This option enables you to remove any database locks created by CAST AIP applications so that only one process can be carried out at any one time.

In general, the database locks created by CAST AIP applications are removed after the accompanying process has successfully completed or when the application is closed. However, locks may sometimes remain in place following an application error or if the connection to the database server is lost. This option therefore enables you to clear these locks without having to restart the database server.

To access the option:

  1. Select the Combined Installation / Measurement Service or Unmanaged Service for which you want to Remove Locks:
  2. Click Database/Schema Installation > Troubleshooting > Remove Locks

The following dialog box will be displayed. Click Yes to proceed with the remove locks procedure, or No to cancel:


  • Before using this option, please make sure that you check that no database process is currently active and that no applications are currently connected to the database server. If you use this option while processes are active or applications are connected to the database server, then errors will occur in the processes, usually accompanied by the message "could not unlock...".
  • This option is not available for single Management, Analysis and Dashboard Service schemas that are part of a Combined Installation. The option is instead available for the parent Combined Installation entry.
Specific behaviour for the CAST Storage Service

When working in a CAST Storage Service environment and you attempt to use the Remove Locks option, CAST Server Manager will display the following dialog box to indicate which connections will be terminated:

The dialog box indicates:

  • The IP address (IPv4 or IPv6) of the session
  • The last access time

Click Yes to terminate the sessions and remove the locks.

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