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Template Selection (with Predefined)

This page enables you to select the template you want to generate. This wizard step is similar to the Template zone in the Report Templates Management dialog box.

There are three distinct sections in this wizard step:

Available Templates This section lists all the templates that are available for use. If this is the first time you have used the wizard, and there are no Templates listed, you need to add some from file in the Template zone in the Report Templates Management dialog box.

Select the Template you want to generate in this section.

Template File Path This text field displays where the template is located on your PC.
Template File Description This text field displays a short description of what the template actually does.


  • If you are using the "Standard Documentation" template, there are some specific instructions you need to follow in order for the report to be correctly generated. Please see Generating Standard Documentation for more information.
  • If you are using the Analysis Differential template, please ensure that the following options are selected, otherwise some data may be missing from your report:
    • Ensure the that the Generate Differential Report and Keep History for Differential Report options are selected prior to running your analysis job. These options are set in CAST Analysis Manager either at User Project level or at Job level.
    • If you need to see information about server-side objects that were deleted from the system catalog and then from the CAST Knowledge Base, please ensure that in the PL/SQL Analyzer, the Cleanup option is activated and in the T-SQL Analyzer that the Synchronize and Cleanup (activated by default) or the Cleanup options are activated. These options can be set in CAST Analysis Manager.
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What to do next...

Once satisfied with your selections, click <Back to return to the previous step, click Next> to move on to the next step, or Cancel to abort the process.

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