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Finding/locating objects in the Graphical View

Locating Objects in the Graphical View
  1. In the Technical Browser, right click an object you want to locate in the Graphical View.
  2. Select Locate on from the shortcut menu and then the name of the model (view) that you want to search.
  3. The focus in the Graphical View will move to the chosen object.


  • Only objects with a red tick () next to them in the Technical Browser can be located in the Graphical View.
  • You can locate multiple objects by selecting them in the Technical Browser with the SHIFT/CTRL keys and the mouse.
Finding objects in the Graphical View
Use a search string to locate specific objects:
  1. Click Edit > Find Object in Graph on the menu bar.
  2. In the displayed Object Finder dialog box (see below) enter a search string that corresponds to an object's name.
  3. If an object that corresponds to the search string is located, it will be highlighted in the Object Finder dialog box.
  4. To find it in the Graphical View, click Select (the focus in the Graphical View will move to the chosen object) or Select All Children (the focus in the Graphical View will move to the chosen object and all its child objects).


  • Only objects currently present in the Graphical View can be found.
Object Finder dialog box

This dialog box displays ALL the objects displayed in the Graphical View in a hierarchical tree form. Objects that are in the view will have a red tick next to them.

If you want to find an object with a particular name, enter that name or part of that name in the search field located at the top of the dialog box. Press the Find Next button to find an occurrence of the search string you entered.

Select If you want to then find out where this particular object is located in the Graphical View, press the Select button. The object will then be highlighted in the Graphical View and the view will automatically zoom in on the object for easy reference.
Select All Children If you want to find the location of the object which matches your search string and the location of all its child objects, click Select All Children. All the child objects, plus the main object will then be highlighted.
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