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What is the Profile Manager?

The Profile Manager enables you to organize and manage the Filter Profiles that you use in some of the application's other functions (such as the Add Linked Objects feature).

A Filter Profile is a set of parameters that you use on a regular basis in one of the application's features. For example, if you often use a certain set of filter parameters, such as only Escalated Links and Called and Calling Links, you can save these parameters to file as a Filter Profile and then re-load them whenever you want to use them again.

This means you won't have to re-define the parameters every time you want use them.

Filter Profiles are stored on your hard disk as .CPF files (CAST Profiles). These files are in fact .XML files.


  • Please do not confuse Filter Profiles with Connection Profiles.
  • This feature is not currently supported in a CAST Storage Service environment
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