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Code Viewer (Options)

The Code Viewer also provides various other options designed to make navigating around your code much easier:


This option enables you to search for any word or phrases in the displayed code:

  1. Right click anywhere in the Code Viewer to launch the shortcut menu
  2. select Find
  3. or use the shortcut key: CTRL+F

This will launch a small dialog box in which you should enter the word or phrase you want to search for:

Match Case

Select this option if you want to match the case of the string you enter in the search field. For instance, if you enter "SyS" and check the option, all instances of "SYS" will be ignored. 

Direction Up/Down

These two options enable you to specify the direction in which you want the search to be performed.

Click Find Next when you want to start the search and if you want to continue the search once one occurrence has been found.


The Copy function enables you to highlight any section of code and place it in the clipboard for use in other applications if required:

  1. Highlight the code you require
  2. Right click the highlighted code to launch the shortcut menu, select
  3. or use the shortcut key: CTRL+C


The Back/Forward options are extremely useful as they enable you to return to code that you have previously displayed and then move forward to your current code. This behavior can be compared to a history list: all code displayed in a session from any number of objects is stored in memory.

You can also use the BACKSPACE key to move back to the previously displayed piece of code, or SHIFT+BACKSPACE to move forward to the next piece of code.


You can use the F2/SHIFT F2 combination to move back and forth between any bookmarks (green icons located in the code margin and defined when a specific section of code is displayed) that may be displayed.

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