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Version status

In the CAST Delivery Manager Tool, a Version can be in various different "states". The status is displayed in the Version page:

Each status is explained below:

Not delivered The Version is "open" and can be edited by anyone.
Not delivered  (partial delivery) The Version remains "open" - i.e.:
  • packages exist
  • the Package action has been run on the Packages or the Version
  • the Deliver action has been run but the Version has not been Closed.

Note that this status is visible when working in CAST Management Studio mode. It occurs when an Application and Version have been created and the Deliver action has not been run.

Note that a Version that is rejected by the CAST AI Administrator will also have this status.

Delivery done The Version is now Closed and is in read-only mode.
Delivery accepted The Version has been accepted by the CAST AI Administrator (in the CAST Management Studio) who will now perform the analysis and snapshot generation.
Delivery deleted The Version has been deleted by the CAST AI Administrator (in the CAST Management Studio) and has been superseded by a newer Version.

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