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Dependencies tab

This tab governs the default dependency Targets configured for the current Technology:

Dependency Targets are part of a wider feature called Dependency Rules - these rules are managed at Application level in the Dependencies tab. A Dependency Rule consists of a Source and a Target:

When a dependency rule exists in the Dependencies tab at Application level and during the analysis process, source code corresponding to the Technologies/Analysis Units in the Source column is scanned for references to objects in source code corresponding to the Technologies/Analysis Units in the Target column. If any matches are found, then a link between the two objects will be created (this will be visible in CAST Enlighten or in the CAST Discovery Portal).

When the CAST Delivery Manager Tool is used to package the source code for analysis, dependencies between projects (i.e. Analysis Units) can also be detected and created. When no such dependencies exist or cannot be detected, the CAST Management Studio will instead create a default Dependency Rule between Technologies in the Application. These default Dependency Rules are based on the Targets defined in this current tab (at Technology level).

In the example below, the Technology (.NET) has the following default Targets:

As such, any of these Technologies can be used to form a default Dependency Rule in the Dependencies tab at Application level when no dependency has been detected between Analysis Units.

Note that generally speaking database technologies do not have any technologies set as Target. The exception to this is MS SQL Server which has a default Target .NET technology.

Use this option to add a new Target technology for your current Technology type. A dialog box will be displayed showing you a list of Technologies that can be added as a Target. Only those not already a Target for the current Technology will be displayed:

Use this option to remove an existing Target Technology. It will no longer form a Target in a new default Dependency Rule. In addition, existing default Dependency Rules based on this Target will be removed from the Dependencies tab in the Application editor.

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