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Universal Analyzer/Importer Analysis Unit editor - Source Settings tab

This section provides a detailed description of the specific Source Settings tab in the Universal Analyzer/Importer Analysis Unit editor:

Universal Analyzer

Source Settings tab

Project path The file based location of the corresponding project. This field is read-only.


  • When the field contains User defined, this indicates that the Analysis Unit has been defined manually instead of automatically following the use of the CAST Delivery Manager Tool.
Universal Language This section displays the custom Universal Analyzer languages that have been installed - languages that appear in the list have a corresponding "language pack" that defines how the target language is analyzed. You must select at least one custom Universal Analyzer language from those listed.

If no languages are listed in this section or your target language is not visible, CAST does not know about the language (i.e. it has not been installed) and you therefore cannot analyze your source code.

Language packs can be:

  • predefined by CAST (part of the Universal Centre of Excellence)
  • created from scratch and added manually

You can find out more about creating and installing a language pack in the Universal Analyzer Framework guide available in the documentation portal (

Source folders Use this section to include or exclude specific source files for the Analysis Unit for analysis purposes - these are mainly to be used when you are manually creating your Analysis Unit but can also be used if you are modifying an automatically created Analysis Unit.
  • Use the buttons to include or exclude specific Source Files or Source Folders (folders are searched recursively).

    By default CAST will automatically suggest the Deployment Folder set in the Current Version tab (Application editor) for your Package when adding new source code folders or files.
  • Use the button to remove an existing entry
  • Use the button to edit an existing entry
  • If this Analysis Unit is automatically defined use the button to reset the list to the entries defined by the CAST Delivery Manager Tool

If this Analysis Unit is automatically defined, then any auto defined entries will be read only.

Note that it is not possible to select a single file for addition to the Analysis Unit - only folders can be added.

Universal Importer

Note that it is not possible to manually create a Universal Importer Analysis Unit. It will be created automatically if you have installed a custom CAST Delivery Manager Tool plugin specifically for packaging .UAX files.

Source Settings tab

Extraction File The location of the .uaxdirectory file (this file will contain information about the .UAX files that you are analyzing). All these files will be the result of an external analyzer.

This field is read-only.

CAST Website

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