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On this page:

Target audience:

  • CAST administrators

Summary: general information about upgrading to a new release of CAST AIP

Supported upgrade paths

To upgrade to CAST AIP 8.3.x please verify that your upgrade path is supported:

Starting pointSupportedNotes
CAST AIP 8.2.x(tick)

Direct upgrades are currently possible from all releases of 8.2.x, where:

  • x = 0 - 6 to ≥ 8.3.0
  • x = 7 to ≥ 8.3.1
  • x = 8 to ≥ 8.3.2
  • x = 9 - 10 to ≥ 8.3.3
CAST AIP 8.1.x(tick)Direct upgrades are currently possible from all releases of 8.1.x, where:
  • x = 0 - 5 to ≥ 8.3.0
  • x = 6 to ≥ 8.3.1
  • x = 7 to ≥ 8.3.2
CAST AIP 8.0.x(tick)Upgrades are currently possible from all releases (8.0.0 - 8.0.5).
CAST AIP 7.3.x(error)Direct upgrades are not supported. Please upgrade to CAST AIP 8.2.x and then to CAST AIP 8.3.x.
CAST AIP 7.2.x, 7.1.x, 7.0.x(error)Direct upgrades are not supported. Please upgrade to CAST AIP 8.0.x and then to CAST AIP 8.3.x.

How does a CAST AIP upgrade work?

The process of upgrading CAST AIP uses a "side-by-side" approach, i.e.:

  • The new release of CAST AIP must first be installed either on the same workstation as the existing release of CAST AIP, or on a different workstation where no previous release of CAST AIP exists
  • Any existing or additional extensions that need to be upgraded/installed must be downloaded into the the defined folder on the workstation that will be used to perform the upgrade:
    • if an installed extension is not compatible with the new release of CAST AIP, you must upgrade to another version of this extension which is compatible
    • otherwise you have the choice to keep the same extensions or to move to the most recent compatible release to take advantage of new features, bug fixes etc
  • The upgrade is performed using tools and applications run from the new release of CAST AIP

Upgrades are performed on a "per Management Service schema basis", i.e. this means the following components undergo an upgrade to the new release of CAST AIP:

  • The Management Service schema
  • All associated Analysis and Dashboard Service schemas
  • All associated Applications
  • All associated Assessment Models
  • Associated Delivery folder
  • Optionally: associated Extensions
Note that Applications that do not require upgrading (or cannot be upgraded) can be manually removed from the Management Service schema and retained in a Delivery folder locked to the existing release of CAST AIP - see Information about how to prevent specific Applications from being upgraded

How do I perform an upgrade?

To upgrade to a new release of CAST AIP, you can either:

  • use the GUI and CLI tools provided in the new release of CAST AIP as described in the child pages of this cookbook.
  • or a batch script that you can run to upgrade silently (this script uses the Command Line Interface of various CAST AIP tools) - see Automating the CAST AIP Upgrade process for more information.

The batch script (see Automating the CAST AIP Upgrade process) should not be used to upgrade to CAST AIP 8.3.0 or 8.3.1. The script provided in those releases contains known bugs which are fixed in subsequent releases.

Impact of upgrading on existing result data

Each CAST AIP release provides new features which improve the value of the platform and justify an upgrade. However, there are a number of changes or improvements which can impact the measurement results/grades:

  • New or improved Quality Rules to perform deeper analysis
  • Updates to the Assessment Model, e.g. changes to rule weights, severity or thresholds. This can be mitigated by using the "Preserve assessment model" option during the upgrade - see Information about how to choose an Assessment Model upgrade strategy.
  • Improvements of the language analysis, e.g. more fine-grained detection of objects or links
  • Extended automatic discovery of files included in the analysis
  • Bug fixes to improve the precision of results
  • And, unfortunately, a new release may also introduce new bugs which may impact the results until they are discovered and removed

Therefore, please ensure that you are aware of the impacts of upgrading to a new release of CAST AIP by consulting the following documentation:


To complete a CAST AIP upgrade, there are various steps to work through - please follow each in the order shown below:

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