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Summary: This section provides information about how to uninstall CAST AIP (i.e. CAST end-user applications and the CAST Storage Service if installed) and subsequently re-install it.

Uninstalling CAST AIP

To uninstall CAST AIP, use the Windows program manager in the Control Panel > Programs and Features. A previous installation of CAST AIP will be displayed as below (note that the CAST Storage Service entry will only be visible if you have chosen to install the CAST Storage Service):

What do you want to remove?Notes
CAST AIP (major/minor release)

Double click the entry in the Control Panel > Programs and Features and click OK when prompted.

Note that Service Packs that have been applied to a major/minor release (e.g: x.x.0) cannot be uninstalled separately. If you need to rollback to a previous Service Pack, you need perform an uninstallation and then re-install the required Service Pack.

CAST AIP Service Pack

Please note that:

  • you cannot run the CAST AIP installer (setup.exe) choosing the "Remove" option to uninstall the CAST Storage Service, please uninstall CAST Storage Service separately.
  • in certain, undetermined situations, you might see the CAST AIP shortcut and directory still present in the Start menu after the uninstall process has completed.

Re-installing the same version of CAST AIP

CAST always recommends fully uninstalling CAST AIP before you re-install the SAME version of CAST AIP. However, if you have an existing CAST Storage Service on the same workstation as CAST AIP, the CAST AIP installer will detect an existing CAST Storage Service and will offer a reduced number of options for re-install.

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