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CAST AIP 8.3.2 contains all fixes from the following previous CAST AIP releases:

  • 7.3.0 - 7.3.11
  • 8.0.0 - 8.0.5
  • 8.1.0 - 8.1.6
  • 8.2.0 - 8.2.8
  • 8.3.0 - 8.3.1

The following table lists all bugs fixed in CAST AIP 8.3.2 and that are not already listed in the "Bug Fix Lists" of the above mentioned releases. There are 6 issues listed below. Note that the column "Internal ID" is used only as an internal reference ID.

Call IDTechnologyComponent/sFeaturesSituationSymptomsInternal ID
10045 CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Metrics Calculation When comparing the log of an Oracle Forms analysis step and the log from the Oracle Forms Metrics Assistant calculation step.There are more syntax errors in the Oracle Forms Metrics Assistant log (which are due to simple 'Select', 'Update' or 'CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION' statements) than there are in the Oracle Forms analysis log.SCRAIP-30735
10062 Delivery Manager Tool When using the CAST Delivery Manager Tool GUI.Some labels and options are poorly labelled.SCRAIP-30736
10146 CMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to a run a JEE analysis.The analysis crashes with the error "Unexternalized exception - Message is 'access violation'."SCRAIP-30733
10217 CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When an analysis is cancelled during the "run metric calculation" step and the analysis is then re-run again with the option "Continue last analysis".The subsequent analysis will skip the analysis that has already been completed, but it does not re-run the "run metric calculation" step (it should).SCRAIP-30730
10223 CMS Snapshot/Analysis When looking at the results of a JEE analysis including JSF taglib mapping files.JSF taglib mapping files are ignored, thus links are not created between *.xhtml files.SCRAIP-30732
10271 CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer Attempting to run an ABAP analysis.The analysis fails with the error: SQL Error: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "pk_objdsc". 

10287 CMS Application - Reference Pattern Search String When attempting to run a UA analysis including a Reference Pattern search string.The Reference Pattern search string step takes a very long time to complete.SCRAIP-30729
10294 CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When attempting to run a JEE analysis.The analysis fails with the error "Unable to process JEE analysis, error in project 'xxx'." SCRAIP-30728
10296 Application Analytics Dashboard (AAD) When attempting to run a CAST Application Analytics Dashboar consolidation using the CLI.The process fails with the message "org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: integer out of range".SCRAIP-30723
10297 CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Compute Snapshot When attempting to generate a snapshot that has previously completed successfully. The snapshot now gets stuck on the procedure "ADGV_UPDATE_ANY_COST_STATUSES".SCRAIP-30726
10302 Dataflow When running a .NET analysis.The Dataflow (User Input Security) step is taking a very long time to complete.SCRAIP-30722
10308 CMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to run a JEE analysis.The analysis fails with the error "Unable to process JEE analysis, error in project 'xxx'."SCRAIP-30725
10313 Application Analytics Dashboard (AAD) When attempting to configure a "customexpression" tile in the CAST Application Analysis Dashboard.The tile functions but the title and description are merged together.SCRAIP-30724
10367 CMS Snapshot/Analysis When looking at the results of a JEE analysis which includes JSP files.Some JavaScript methods, variables and HTML events defined in the JSP file are duplicated, therefore increasing the number of dynamic links.SCRAIP-30731
10412 Analysis Manager - Update CAST Knowledge Base When attempting to generate a snapshot.The snapshot generation process fails with the following errors in the CAST-MS log 
- relation inkb_dia_expensivepath 
- column "source_id" 
- relation "inkb_dataflowscope does not exist
10594; 10595 CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Copy Paste Metrics Calculation When looking at the results of the Quality Rules "Avoid Artifacts with high Commented-out Code Lines/Code Lines ratio" and "Avoid Too Many Copy Pasted Artifacts" for versions Vn and Vn+1.Violation counts for these Quality Rules are inconsistent even though the source code has not changed between versions Vn and Vn+1.SCRAIP-29524
10638 CMS Snapshot/Analysis When looking at the log for a JEE analysis.The log contains many warning messages in the form "class 'xxx' is not visible - one dependency is missing" which have no impact on results and cannot be rectified. The warnings should be removed.SCRAIP-30720
10687 Enlighten When using CAST Enlighten.CAST Enlighten crashes while attempting to load a blank view during initial connection to the RDBMS.SCRAIP-30719
10958 Application Analytics Dashboard (AAD) When looking at the tile "Top 5 Critical Rules" in the CAST Application Analytics Dashboard.The Quality Rules in the tile do not appear to be ordered by Number of failed checks, as expected.SCRAIP-30718
11005 Application Analytics Dashboard (AAD) When comparing the number of deleted Transactions in the legacy CAST Engineering Dashboard and in the CAST Application Analytics Dashboard (Health Dashboard) with those listed in the CAST Transaction Configuration Center.The transaction is shown as "deleted" in the legacy CAST Engineering Dashboard and in the CAST Application Analytics Dashboard (Health Dashboard) whereas the transaction is not visible at all under the Evolution node in the CAST Transaction Configuration Center (the TCC reports the correct information).SCRAIP-30488
11195 CMS Application - Reference Pattern Search String When editing a Reference Pattern and using the options "Check RegExp. on file" and "Check RegExp. on directory".The options do not function.SCRAIP-30508
11200 CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Synchronize Services When comparing the results of a post upgrade snapshot when upgrading from CAST AIP 8.0.x to CAST AIP 8.3.x.The comparison shows that there is a significant decrease in the number of objects and therefore the number of lines of code.SCRAIP-30497
11257 REST API When attempting to start the CAST Analysis Automation API.The API does not start as a service or manually if the path contains a special character.SCRAIP-30764
11326 Delivery Manager Tool When packaging a Java application along with an HTTP Maven Repository.An issue occurs during the discover steps in the remediation loop. The issue occurs when discovering the file portlet-api-2.0.pom and the following message is logged: Error parsing Maven project 'javax/portlet/portlet-api/2.0'! Verify the corresponding file. If the file is good, please raise a ticket.
11340 CMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to run an analysis on one single .NET Analysis Unit.The analysis fails with this error: 
Internal exception occured during processing listener ManageDmtProjectAction::Process on instance CAST_DotNet_Job_NewAnalyze #2 : unknown exception
11370 CMS Application When using the CAST Delivery Manager Tool and attempting to create a new version.The following error occurs: ERROR: cast.utilities.consoleHandlerGenericLogError - Internal error occurred when creating New versionSCRAIP-30673
11451 CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When looking at the results of a .NET analysis.Web files (".asa", ".asp", ".htm", ".html", ".htc", ".js", ".vbs", ".css") are still being saved as empty objects with LOC = 0. They should not be saved at all.SCRAIP-30787
11474 CMS Snapshot/Analysis When querying the CDT_OBJECTS table in the CAST System Views.The object "Nested Cobol Program" (type ID 142072) is not present.SCRAIP-30811
11477 CMS Snapshot/Analysis When attempting to analyze a JEE application.The analysis fails at the "compare" step with the following message: "ERROR: more than one row returned by a subquery used as an expression".SCRAIP-30812
11484 Application Engineering Dashboard (AED) When drilling down from the Risk Model tile and clicking on a Technical Criteria.The Quality Rules never display.SCRAIP-30826
11507 CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When comparing the analysis run times for a Mainframe application.The run time has increased in CAST AIP 8.3.1 compared to CAST AIP 8.0.x.SCRAIP-30841
11528;11679 CMS Snapshot/Analysis When comparing the copy/paste metrics calculation time between CAST AIP 8.3.0 and 8.3.1.In CAST AIP 8.3.1, the calculation time has significantly increased and results were largely incorrect.SCRAIP-30859
11707 CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When looking at the results of a .NET analysis after performing an upgrade to CAST AIP 8.3.x.The Quality Rule "Declare as static all Methods not using Instance Members" 7270, is showing new violations for C# constructors even though the object status is "unchanged" (i.e. the source code has not changed).SCRAIP-31085
3288 CMS Snapshot/Analysis When looking at the results of a JEE analysis with the focus on the User Input Security feature.There are false negatives (i.e. missing violations) for OS Command Injection due to an issue with the generation of the CASTIL used for this feature. The error is "String[] invalid CASTIL generation".SCRAIP-12823
7935 CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When looking at the log for a PowerBuilder analysis.There are several syntax warnings in the log. Some are legitimate and some are not and should be handled by the analyzer.SCRAIP-30734
8915 CAST Management Studio (CMS) When attempting to change the variable "CAST_CURRENT_USER_TEMP_PATH" in the CASTGlobalsettings.ini to alter the location in which the CAST-MSxx.log.txt file is stored.Changing the variable does nothing and the CAST-MSxx.log.txt file is still stored in the default location.SCRAIP-30752
8972 CAST Engineering Dashboard When using the CAST Engineering Dashboard to view results of the Quality Rule "Use only Hibernate API to access to the database" - 7510.The number of objects with violations is more than the number of failed checks.SCRAIP-30751
8993 Application Analytics Dashboard (AAD) When looking at the CAST Application Analytics Dashboard: Application Fast Facts tile.The tiles show inconsistent data and is not being updated when a time period is selected.SCRAIP-30750
9094 CAST Update Tool (CUT) When looking at the DSS_HISTORY table post-upgrade.The DSS_HISTORY table is showing previous CAST AIP release number post upgrade. It should show the new CAST AIP release number.SCRAIP-30749
9295   When attempting to install and run the CAST Analysis Automation API as a Windows Service.The installation fails because the batch files provided contain errors with regard to quote marks in file paths.SCRAIP-30748
9433;9832 CAST Engineering Dashboard When attempting to view TWRI data in either the CAST Engineering Dashboard or in the CAST Application Engineering Dashboard.The Transaction Level View in CED shows nothing, nor does the Transaction Investigation View in AED.SCRAIP-30747
9522 CMS Snapshot/Analysis When using the Text Replacement feature with the JEE Analyzer to correctly resolve some relative paths that are used in the source code.Even with Text Replacement, the expected links between JSP and JS files are still not found.SCRAIP-30746
9532 CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Check Modules When looking at the results of the Quality Rule "Variables defined in Working-Storage section must be initialized before to be read" (8034).A false positive result has been seen for this Quality Rule when the variable is initialised by a READ statement before being used by a WRITE statement.SCRAIP-30740
9565 CMS Snapshot/Analysis When looking at the results of a JEE analysis.No link is created from a JSP file that contains embedded Java code to the called Java methods.SCRAIP-30745
9607 CMS Snapshot/Analysis - Run Analyzer When attempting run a .NET analysis.The analysis fails with the error "System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains more than one element".SCRAIP-30744
9714 CMS Snapshot/Analysis When looking at the results of a .NET/SQL Server analysis.Links have been incorrectly created from the JavaScript client site method in the .NET project to various Microsoft SQL Server tables.SCRAIP-30743
9778 CAST Engineering Dashboard When looking at the results of the Quality Rule "Avoid String initialization with String object (created using the 'new' keyword)" - 7250.A false positive violation is identified for the Quality Rule where the String isn't initialized with a literal.SCRAIP-30737
9797 CMS Snapshot/Analysis When looking at the results of a JEE analysis.The logs show that not all .java files present in the delivered source code have been stored in the CAST Analysis Service schema, despite the fact that the files have been analyzed without error. Due to an issue saving files with the same name.SCRAIP-30742
9972 Transaction Configuration Center (TCC) When using the CAST Transaction Configuration Center to look at a transaction in two projects: the transaction is identical in both projects (a.jsp file) and both projects have been analyzed in one Application.When one of the projects is dropped and a new snapshot is generated, two transactions incorrectly remain in the Analysis Service schema.SCRAIP-30738
9977 CMS Snapshot/Analysis When looking at the results of a Mainframe Cobol analysis and the source code uses a procedure parameter called JOB.When the analyzer encounters a procedure parameter that is called "JOB" it incorrectly considers it as a JOB card. This results in multiple issues, including incorrect Line of Code count (truncated source code) anda Computed FP value for the Transaction Function (JCL) as '0'.SCRAIP-30739
9985 CMS Snapshot/Analysis When looking at the results of a JEE analysis.Some hbm.xml files have their full path incorrectly set to a location in the LTSA folder, rather than in the source code deployment folder.SCRAIP-30741
  Delivery Manager Tool - Projects Discovery When attempting to run a JEE analysis that includes a pom.xml file.The analysis fails because the pom.xml file is empty, however the error message provided does not explain this and simply states that the analysis has failed.SCRAIP-29914
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