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Summary: CAST AIP 8.3.2 introduces a number of features and changes as listed below. To view the impacts of these changes on analysis results, see: Changes in results post upgrade.

Technology support changes

Please see Technology coverage changes in CAST AIP 8.3.x for more detailed discussion of this subject.

Installation and Deployment

CAST AIP installer (setup)

Three new screens have been added to the CAST AIP installer (setup). These screens are visible only when installing CAST AIP in a non-upgrade scenario (i.e. CAST AIP from the same major/minor release track does not already exist on the machine) and allow you modify the locations for various CAST logtemporary and miscellaneous files. These locations will be valid for all CAST applications. There is no requirement to change these path locations unless you need to - the paths suggested in each screen are the default locations used by CAST AIP. The locations can be overridden once the setup has completed by modifying the CastGlobalSettings.ini file. See Install CAST AIP.

Example screen:

CAST Application Engineering Dashboard

Education feature

The CAST Application Engineering Dashboard now features the ability to add violations (objects) to an "Education list" (see CAST-AED - Education) to highlight specific issues that may not be corrected, but require tracking, monitoring. In essence the Education list:

  • enables an Architect or Technical Lead to identify the main issues in an Application and add them to the list to "educate" his team about the Quality Rules related to the violation
  • the violations in the list may not necessarily be corrected because they may be too costly, however, the Architect or Technical Lead can use the list to explain to his development team the issues that exist (i.e. the violations can be shown) and how to avoid the issues in the future (i.e. by highlighting the associated Quality Rule documentation)
  • violations in the Education list can be configured to be automatically added to the CAST-AED - Action Plan when the next snapshot is generated.
  • links to the violations can be sent to development team members directly from the Education list to "share and promote" best practices or how to adhere to specific Quality Rules.

Change Language option

The top user menu now has an additional drop down menu item called "Change Language". This allows a user to change the language of the text items in the dashboard, providing an administrator has configured the language:

In addition, a parameter called "default" has been added to the ced.json file to allow a specific language to be set by default.


Export to Excel

It is now possible to export data to Excel file at Violation level in the Application Investigation and Transaction Investigation views, for example:

CAST Management Studio



The option jobLogRootPath has been removed and can no longer be used with the command ConfigurePlatformPreferences. Please use logRootPath instead. See Automating CAST Management Studio tasks.

CAST Transaction Configuration Center


"Estimated" changed to "Default FP Value"

The term used to indicate the value given to empty Function Points has been changed from "Estimated" to "Default FP Value", for example in the Compute settings and in the AFP Calibration node:


Show Rules now available in AFP Calibration child nodes

New column "Number of objects"

A new column called "Number of objects" is displayed in the following nodes:

  • By naming
  • By Inheritance
  • By type
  • Free definition

This shows how many objects have been identified by the rule. This column will only update after using the Compute option or generating a snapshot.


CAST is now delivering a bespoke executable for running automated CAST Transaction Configuration tasks. Previously, command line tasks could be run using CAST-TransactionConfig.exe, however, CAST highly recommends that all automated command line tasks now use CAST-TransactionConfig-CLI.exe.

See Automating CAST Transaction Configuration Center tasks.

Log file naming and path changes

In addition to the log file change that was implemented in CAST AIP 8.3.1, a further change has been added in CAST AIP 8.3.2:

  • the log file will now be stored in a folder named TCC in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%/CAST/CAST/Logs, or in a folder named TCC in the the location specified by CAST_LOG_ROOT_PATH if that variable has been defined in the CASTGlobalSettings.ini file.

CAST Architecture Checker


Changing model properties

Following the introduction of the ability to change model properties directly in CAST Architecture Checker introduced in CAST AIP 8.3.1 (see Changes or new features - 8.3.1), if you open a Architecture Model created and saved with a previous release of CAST AIP (≤ 8.3.0), then you may be warned as follows:

This means that the Architecture Model was created with an older release of CAST AIP that did not include the ability to set Properties on the model. As such, the CAST Architecture Checker has initialized these Properties in the Architecture Model with default values. These default values may not correspond to the values you may have set in the CAST Management Studio and therefore may impact results when the Architecture Model is used in an analysis. The Properties will remain as they are set in the CAST Management Studio until you open the model with the CAST Architecture Checker.

Result size option

A new option has been added to govern the number of links that are displayed when the Check model option is run. By default, a maximum of 1000 links will be displayed by default for performance reasons (the more links that are available, the longer the Check model process will take). You can choose from one of the following available options:

  • 1000
  • 5000
  • 10000
  • Unlimited

Log file naming and path changes

In addition to the log file change that was implemented in CAST AIP 8.3.1, a further change has been added in CAST AIP 8.3.2:

  • the log file will now be stored in a folder named ArchiChecker in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%/CAST/CAST/Logs, or in a folder named ArchiChecker in the the location specified by CAST_LOG_ROOT_PATH if that variable has been defined in the CASTGlobalSettings.ini file.

CAST Delivery Manager Tool


A new option "Exclude test code" has been added to the Package Configuration tab in the CAST Delivery Manager Tool. When ticked, this option will force all folders containing the word "test" to be excluded from the packaging:

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