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In some circumstances as outlined in the examples in Using the tool in specific scenarios , it is necessary to create OBJECT_GUIDs for objects that have not been assigned them during an analysis. These are objects resulting from some CAST analyses. The following CAST Analyzers give an OBJECT_GUID to objects that they store in the CAST Analysis Service schema:

  • ABAP Analyzer
  • C++ Analyzer
  • Mainframe Analyzer
  • J2EE Analyzer
  • SQL Analyzer
  • Universal Analyzer
  • Universal Importer

An OBJECT_GUID naming convention is used for the above analyzers and CAST recommends following this where possible. You can view the OBJECT_GUID for objects already in the Analysis Service by querying the CAST System Views (make sure these are up-to-date).

select *

For objects that do not have an OBJECT_GUID, you can devise your own naming convention, but, because the OBJECT_GUID must be unique, CAST does recommend checking that the OBJECT_GUID you want to assign to a particular object does not already exist. Use the following query against the CAST System Views (make sure these are up-to-date), replacing the text in red with the OBJECT_GUID you want to create:

select count(1) Cnt
where OBJECT_GUID = '<proposed OBJECT-GUID>'
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