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In previous releases of CAST AIP, the Quality Rules listed above were not functioning correctly and were producing false negative results. The algorithm used to generate these Quality Rules has now been improved and corrected and, after an upgrade to CAST AIP 8.2.x and the generation of a new snapshot, the number of violations may increase. This increase in violations is due to the improved accuracy provided by the bug correction. In addition, although many "paths" may exist for each violation (a violation is deemed to be a "path" that starts in a loop in a method and targets an object) the Quality Rules will now only report one "path", thus keeping the Quality Rule calculation time stable and reducing the amount of data produced.

Please note however, that results for these two quality rules are not perfectly deterministic because results depend on the order in which control-flow (in particular calls in loops) is discovered. In addition, results depend on objects and links identified by the JEE analyzer. As the analyzer improves, objects and links change for the same source code. Therefore, when upgrading to forthcoming service packs, violations reported by these quality rules can vary slightly.

Avoid directly instantiating a Class used as a Managed bean - 7964


Due to a change in the way J2EE Analysis Units containing differing analysis configurations are analyzed in CAST AIP 8.2.x - all in one Execution Unit rather than in multiple Execution Units (see see  Analysis Units and Execution Units below) - you may find that after an upgrade to CAST AIP 8.2.x (from 7.3.x only) a subsequent re-analysis of source code and a snapshot generation, the number of violations for the Quality Rules listed below changes (there may be more or less violations):