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CAST AI Adminsitrators


Summary: this page explains how to modify your Tomcat application server to enable the use of the https protocol when interacting with the following CAST web applications:

  • CAST AIC Portal
, the
  • CAST Application Analytics Dashboard
and the
  • CAST Application Engineering Dashboard
  • CAST Engineering Dashboard
  • /CAST Discovery Portal


When installed "out of the box", the Apache Tomcat application server will be configured to use the "http" protocol on port 8080, as shown in the following extract from the %CATALINA_HOME%\conf\server.xml file:


The above mentioned CAST web applications will work with either the http or https protocols without any further configuration changes.

SSL certificates

CAST highly recommends the use of a trusted CA (Certificate Authority) SSL certificate when configuring Apache Tomcat for secure https access. You can use a self-signed SSL certificate, however, it is not recommended since unpredictable results may occur when using CAST AIP web applications with this type of certificate.

Advanced security configuration options