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This section explains how to package a Version once you have completed the creation of your source code packages. This action will start a multi-step process to package the source code using the configuration settings you have defined in the Package Configuration tab for each package. The end result of a successful Package action will be a Version (and source code package or packages) that can be delivered to the CAST AI Admin.

To do so:

  • Move to the Version page
  • Click the Package button located on the toolbar:

  • This will invoke an Option dialog box:

  • Click Finish to complete the action (leave the Force extraction option unticked - see the DMT help for more information about this option).



Note that running the Package option from the Version page will package all source code packages in the Version. If there are other Delivery Managers working on other source code packages, you should only package your specific packages. This can be achieved by running the Package option from the Package page:

  • The Package process will then begin. A dialog box displays progress and the end result:


Please note that the Package action will fail if the Package includes a PL/SQL extraction and any of the components in the target schemas are being modified when the Package action is running. The action will fail with the error message:

Code Block
YYYY-MM-DD - Invariance error #-10: Schema TEST_28567 has been modified during the extraction:
initial 'Last Modification Date' is 'YYYY-MM-DD, new 'Last Modification Date' is 'YYYY-MM-DD'

YYYY-MM-DD - Disconnected!

Error executing: Extraction -driver oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver -url jdbc:oracle:thin:@<instance>:1521:<server>
-user SYSTEM -password **** -parameters schema=TEST_28567;minimal_access_mode=dba -target C:\Users\user\exportResults -format test_sql => -1

Execution failed!

If any components in the target schemas are being recompiled when the Package action is running, then a similar error message will be displayed, but the Package action will succeed.