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If snapshot data for only one Application is present, you will be presented with the Application landing page - the Application name is displayed at the top as highlighted below.

Multiple Applications - Portfolio view

If snapshot data for multiple Applications is present, you will be presented with the Multi-application landing page - the number of Applications is displayed at the top left. The Health Factor scores represent the full portfolio, and the trending graphs are at the portfolio level as well. Specific tiles can be configured, such as the CISQ Security standard, for viewing, tracking and drilldown. The view will show an Application Heatmap and a list of the riskiest applications. Some of the tiles can be configured to show persistence from prior snapshots. At the portfolio level, that persistence data shows the difference over the selected period of analysis. In the dashboard below, the Technical Debt was increased by $9.3m and 27 applications were added to the portfolio in the last 12 months.

Click to enlarge:

Image Modified

To view data for an individual Application, click the "+" button underneath Application Analytics Dashboard and select the one you require. You will then be taken to the Application landing page:


You can also view the evolution of specific measures over time by clicking any tile in the Evolutions section. Note that by default, the most recent results of the 10 worst Applications for the selected measure in the selected time period will be displayed. You can select and unselect Applications as required:

Trending and evolution can also be viewed at Qualiy Rule level

Rule-specific Trending

Trending can also be viewed by individual rules by application, or specific rulesets. For security analyses, rules are typically grouped into rulesets such as CWE Top-25, OWASP Top-10 and CISQ-22. In the example below, the CWE Top-25 ruleset is being explored, with a trendline shown per rule based on the findings across multiple snapshots (click to enlarge):

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