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On this page:

Table of Contents

Target audience:

  • Consumers of the information (i.e. those that will be using the CAST Report Generator)
  • CAST AI Administrators

Summary: this page describes how to use the standalone CAST Report Generator to generate PowerPoint or Word documents containing data generated by CAST AIP.



Enter your username and password for the CAST RestAPI deployment - depending on the authentication mode configured by the CAST AI Administrator - you need to login with a presupplied username and password or your corporate username and password. If in doubt, contact your CAST Administrator.

API Key (available in v. ≥ 1.11.0)

If your CAST RestAPI deployment is deployed with SAML authentication mode enabled, then CAST Report Generator cannot authenticate using the traditional Username/password option. Instead, tick the API Key option and enter the appropriate username and the API Key in the Password field:

Contact your CAST Administrator to provide the API Key - see also CAST Dashboard Package - also RestAPI authentication using an API key.

SAML is not supported for connections to the dashboard RestAPI made via CAST Report Generator in v. ≤ 1.10.0)


When using the CLI, the standard log files will be used to record the action - see Log files for more information.

Return codes (available in ≥ 1.13.0)