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Summary: This section provides information about sharing a custom extension with the wider CAST user community.


Click New Publication to upload your .nupkg file. If your extension conforms to the required norms it will be accepted and you then need to verify the details:

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  • The information displayed is taken from the plugin.nuspec file (see Extension description file). Some fields are read-only, others can be modified directly. Please verify the details are correct and then scroll to bottom and:
    1. Tick the "terms and conditions" check box (marked as 1 in the image below)
    2. click to Submit (marked as 2 in the image below) to confirm the upload:


  • that if any of the read-only fields are incorrect, you need to click the Cancel button to abort the upload, modify the plugin.nuspec file, recreate the .nupkg archive file and then re-upload the extension.
  • please see Configuring an icon for your extension for more information about filling in the Icon URL field.

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Once the extension has been successfully uploaded, a user with Moderation rights will need to validate the extension before it can be downloaded for use by others.

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Note that you can see all extensions that you have uploaded but that have not yet been validated: please see View unlisted extensions in Manage uploaded extensions.