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This setting is specifically for those with very slow network connections. The default value is in seconds (10800, or 3 hrs) and should only be increased if you are facing timeouts when fetching data from CAST Extend (, i.e. when CAST Extend requires more thanthe total time required for CAST Extend to build the bundle and then for ExtendCli to download it exceeds 3 hrs. CAST does not NOT recommend decreasing this value.


Code Block
"SettingsPath": null

This setting is specifically for those with set by default to %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\ExtendCLI and defines where the current instance of ExtendCli will store configuration settings and cache files. If you need to run multiple instances of ExtendCli on one machine. It allows, and you want to ensure clear separation of data between each instance, you can define a custom path for the configuration data using this option. For example to set the path to D:\CAST\temp\ExtendCli:

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"SettingsPath": "D:\\CAST\\temp\\ExtendCli"


Paths must conform to the following syntax:

  • Enclosed in double quotes
  • Absolute path (not relative)
  • Back slashes are required (forward slashes not accepted) and must be escaped with a back slash