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AIP Core≥ 8.3.39
AIP Console≥ 1.27.0-funcrel

≥ 5.2.0 (this will be installed automatically by AIP Console).

Note however, that a batch file (PeopleSoft-Extract-CLI.bat) is required to perform the repository extraction (see below) and this file is provided in the extension itself. Therefore if you are onboarding a new application, the PeopleSoft extension will not yet be available on the AIP Node: if this is the case, you can download the extension ( and extract (using 7Zip or similar) to find the batch file.

Application creation

Two applications should be created in AIP Console, for the Vanilla and Project repositories. See Legacy application onboarding - Add a new Application for  for more information about this. These applications should be named as follows:

  • "PeopleSoft_Project"
  • "PeopleSoft Vanilla"

Here are some indicative schema sizes for a large PeopleSoft analysis (3.4 GB of source code):





Management Schema

163 MB


163 MB

Dashboard Schema

1.5 GB

1.5 GB

3 GB

Project Analysis Database

7 GB

7 GB

14 GB

Vanilla Analysis Database

5 GB

6 GB

11 GB

Repository extractionAIP Console only accepts .castextraction files generated by the CAST Database Extractor, in other words, the Vanilla and Project repository extraction must be actioned outside of AIP Console (see below for more information). Note that for the Project repository extraction, this file must be named with the exact same prefix as used for the .project file, for example if you name the file PeopleSoftExtract_Project.castextraction, the .project file must be named PeopleSoftExtract_Project.project.
.project file for Project repositoryA .project text file must be configured and delivered with the .castextraction file for the Project repository. This file configures rule parameters and other data ((see below for more information). Note that this file must be named with the exact same prefix as used for the Project repository .castextraction file, for example if you name the file PeopleSoftExtract_Project.project, the .castextraction file must be named PeopleSoftExtract_Project.castextraction.


Code Block
<QualityRule id="1600184">
	<Parameter name="PeopleSoft: Max CC in Event" values=" -999"/>
<QualityRule id="1600384">
	<Parameter name="Suffix PeopleSoft Language Record Table " value="Joe, William, Jack, Averell"/>


For each Application (Vanilla and Project) that you have created in AIP Console, you need to now deliver the source code configured in Step 3 and run the analysis/snapshot. In AIP Console, the process can be done in small steps, or in one go, and each is explained in more detail in:

It is very important that you run the analysis and snapshot for the Vanilla application BEFORE you run the analysis and snapshot for the Project application.