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Supported?Supported inNotes
AIP Console(tick)

 1.27.0-funcrel / 2.0.0-funcrel

When using AIP Console with automatic synchronization to CAST Imaging, custom databases are supported as long as the releases of AIP Console and CAST Imaging are supported for this scenario.
AIP Core(tick)≥ 8.3.40This includes any tool/application delivered with AIP Core such as CAST Server Manager, CAST Management Studio, CAST Enlighten, CAST Transaction Configuration CenterCSS Admin Tools etc.
Standalone CAST Dashboards and RestAPI(tick)Any release.-
CAST Imaging export tools(tick)≥ 2.6.0-funcrelThis includes exporter.exe and etl-automation.exe.
Architecture Checker (as an extension)(error)--
CAST Sherlock(tick)≥ 9.0.2-funcrel≥ 9.0.2-funcrel is also embedded in AIP Core  8.3.41.
Architecture Checker (as an extension)(error)-Not supported yet.

To be able to exploit this change, if required, please see information below.