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Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows only
  • Absolute minimum: 8GB
  • Recommended: 32GB
  • While 8GB RAM is the absolute minimum required and while the installer will function with less than 32GB RAM and the CAST software will be installed, you may find that performance is impacted if you try to run all components at the same time. CAST Imaging is particularly resource intensive and you may need to disable this software while running AIP Console/AIP Core/CAST Storage Service.
  • The installer will stop if it detects less than 8GB RAM.
  • The installer will install CAST Storage Service, AIP Console, AIP Node and CAST Imaging as Windows Services and will start the services at the end of the installation process. With all services running at the same time, you may find that the performance of the machine is significantly impacted.

DiskSSD or PCIe NVRAM cards, minimum space required: 20GB. The setup will prevent the installation from starting if there is not enough free disk space.
No previously installed CAST softwareThe installer will stop if it detects any existing installations of the software offered by the installer. This software must be fully removed before you can use the CAST Web Installer.
Internet connectionBoth online and offline modes  require access to during the installation process. Access is also required to use the installed CAST software.
CAST Extend accountCAST Extend account credentials are required in both online and offline modes - register here:
Software downloaded

If using offline mode, the installer will require the following packages on disk with the following naming conventions:

SoftwareDownload URL (latest release)File naming convention
CAST AIP Core<version>.zip
AIP Console + AIP Node package<version>.zip
CAST Storage Service for Windows<version>.zip
CAST Imaging for Windows<version>.zip

License keysDuring a clean installation, the setup will request license keys for AIP Core (global AIP license key) and for CAST Imaging. You must have these ready.
Installation pathWhen using ≥ 1.1.0-beta1, do not use %PROGRAMFILES% as your installation path. The installer will suggest C:\Programs, but you are free to choose a different location if necessary, avoiding %PROGRAMFILES%.
Required ports

The following ports are required by the software installed by the CAST Web Installer:

SoftwareRequired PortsNotes
AIP Console + AIP Node package8082 + 8081These ports can be changed during the installation process, but CAST highly recommends that they are left at their defaults. If other ports are chosen, ensure that you do not use ports that are required by other CAST software.
CAST Storage Service for Windows2282 / 2284 (depending on the release of CAST Storage Service used).
CAST Imaging for Windows8083, 443*, 8084, 9000, 9001, 9980, 7474,  7473, 7687

These ports cannot be changed during the installation process.

*443 - note that port 443 is not required out of the box. It is only required if you decided to configure CAST Imaging to run over https.