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Release ≥ 2.x of this extension uses CTDM (Contextual Technical Debt Measure) to calculate Technical Debt values. CTDM is a recognized nomenclature for a customized ATDM (Automated Technical Debt Measure) as described in chapter 6.3 of the OMG ATDM specification 1.0, see: For this extension, CTDM uses a combination of remediation effort produced by the ISO-5055 measure and remediation effort produced by AIP Core. This means that the number of rules taken in to account by this release of the extension is higher than in release 1.x of the extension (ATDM), which only considered "CISQ" Business Criteria. As a direct result, Technical Debt values will be higher for release ≥ 2.x of the extension and are therefore not comparable with release 1.x. You can see a list of Technical Criteria used by the extension in Scope below.

The technical debt values are computed for all violations which have an entry with a remediation effort at Business Criteria or Rule level. Effort is taken in to account in the following order: