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The Properties panel is available at any level in all Scopes and Views. It can be accessed by right clicking an object and choosing the Properties option in the contextual menu:


The Properties panel can also be accessed using the keyboard shortcut ALT+P.

It displays information about the selected object:


At Object level, more detailed information is provided:

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Configure option


The Configure option lets you add custom properties to the global search, directly from the Properties panel for an object (available at Object level). See Admin Center - Search panel for more information.

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Additional associated information

When using CAST Imaging ≥ 2.6.0, additional associated information is available in the Properties panel at Object level (except atin the Application levelscope), where applicable:

  • Associated Transaction(s)
  • Associated Data Call Graph(s)
  • Saved views 

The options are only visible where a corresponding item is available (i.e. if the selected object is not present in an existing Saved view (for example) then the option is not displayed). Selecting the item will navigate directly to that item:

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If more than one associated item is available, or the selected object is present in more than one Saved view, the available items are made available for selection:

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