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Summary: describes how to deploy and configure CAST Dashboards embedded in the AIP Console package using a ZIP file (AIP Console ≥ 1.25). If you are using AIP Console ≥ 2.x as Docker containers, embedded Dashboards are automatically configured and you do not need to follow these steps.

Phase 1 - CAST RESTAPI deployment and configuration


The CAST RESTAPI is started using the following files - however, CAST recommends not starting the application at this point (it will not start properly):You can also install the RESTAPI as a Microsoft Windows Service as an alternative to using the startup.bat (see below).

Code Block
Microsoft Windows



If you are using the startup.bat or scripts to start the web application, these scripts set the RAM memory allocated to the web application in the script itself using the Java -Xmx and -XmXmss parameters:

  • Initial memory pool = 256MB
  • Maximum memory pool = 1024MB