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A new screen will be displayed in which you can either enter your user name and password (if you have already registered), or register for access if you have not already done so:


An email will be sent to your chosen email address when you click the Register button. Please make sure that you click the link contained in the email to ensure that your registration is processed correctly:

Account Management

Clicking your login name in the top right corner will display a screen enabling you to manage your account:



Use this option to update and change your CAST Extend profile and various other settings.

LogoutClick to log out of CAST Extend.
Create packageUse this option to create a new package to update CAST Extend Offline with new content.
AboutDisplays the current release number for CAST Extend.
Change passwordUse this option to change your account password.
Email notification subscription

By default your account will be configured to receive email notifications from the CAST Extend website. If you prefer not to receive any communication, click the Unsubscribe button.

API keyThe API key uniquely identifies your account and is required if you want to use a command line script to upload extensions for sharing with others.