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References are traced using search strings which is less selective than parser based technology used for other links traced by the analyzer. This technology detects a reference to an object wherever its name is mentioned, regardless of the context in which this reference occurs. As a result, incorrect links may be traced if a string happens to match a given name even if it is not logically related to the corresponding object. As a result you may have to intervene to filter incorrect references - see Advanced onboarding for CAST Imaging - validate Dynamic Links.


Incorrect dependency settings may result in missing links - missing inter-technology dependencies - or in a large number of Dynamic Links - incorrect dependencies. This can have a knock on effect on Quality Rule results and on Transaction flow.


If there were no "missing project" alerts when Advanced onboarding for CAST Imaging - validate and accept the version, then you can be confident that all "discovered" dependencies are correct. If you do have "missing project" alerts, you should always try to fix these first and if this is not possible you can then create a custom dependency.