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CAST Imaging releaseRequired Docker Installer release
≥ 2.15.0-beta2Starting from 2.15.0-beta2 of CAST Imaging, the Docker Installer will be provided with every single release and should be used to install the specific release and upgrade to the specific release. 
≥ 2.14.x≥ 1.2.10-funcrel
≥ 2.13.x≥ 1.2.9-funcrel
≥ 2.12.x≥ 1.2.8-funcrel
≥ 2.11.x≥ 1.2.7-funcrel
≥ 2.10.x≥ 1.2.6-funcrel
2.7.1-funcrel - 2.9.x-funcrel1.2.4-funcrel - 1.2.5-funcrel
2.5.x-funcrel - 2.6.x-funcrel1.2.2-funcrel
2.1.x-funcrel - 2.4.0-funcrel1.1.0-funcrel, 1.2.0-funcrel or 1.2.1-funcrel
2.0.x-funcrel1.1.0-beta1 only