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Summary: CAST Imaging is a collection of various components that function together. Each one of these components has its own logging mechanism and storage locations are listed below:

≥ 1.11.0

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Microsoft Windows: %PROGRAMFILES%\CAST\ImagingSystem\logs
Docker Installaer: logsInstaller: logs

Log rotation

Starting CAST Imaging 2.9.0, the following logs are rotated and compressed:

  • imaging-etl.log
  • imaging-service.log

The rotation is actioned as follows:

  • Max Size: 10 megabytes - after which a new log file is created
  • Max Backups: 30 - number of previous rotated logs that are retained
  • Max Age: 28 days -  the duration previous rotated logs that are retained

≤ 1.10.0

ComponentDescriptionLog location


ETL is the component responsible for managing the import of Application data.

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Neo4jNeo4j is the back end graph engine.

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NginxNginx is the front end web server.

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