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CAST Imaging consists of different components and products:

At a broad level, the workflow above below shows the process of onboarding of application source code to CAST AIP through AIP Console. CAST AIP Console generates application source code metadata by reverse-engineering front-end, middleware, and back-end code. The application data that is generated by CAST AIP is then automatically imported into CAST Imaging for investigation purposes:

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CAST AIP is piloted via the AIP Console -  is a front end web application that can be installed on Microsoft Windows or Linux and provides services that are required to configure and run AIP analyses remotely on multiple analysis machines. It supports the full AIP analysis process from registering the application, delivering the source code to producing the snapshots and viewing the result in CAST Imaging. AIP Console is designed such that it allows you to:

  • Manage multiple "nodes" (i.e. AIP Core analysis engines) to spread the analysis load
  • Create Applications
  • Deliver source code for analysis
  • Configure analyses
  • Run analyses/snapshots
  • Check logs
  • Manage CAST technology extensions
  • Direct access to CAST Imaging to check analysis/snapshot results